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Field of Dreams: If you build it, 8,000 will come 

It’s Not Heaven Dyersville, Iowa: Right down the street from the iconic Field of Dreams farm, MLB has set up shop with an 8,000 seat ballpark. And while most of you will be glued to the Patriots-Washington Football Team’s preseason game Thursday night in Foxborough, (I’ll be watching that on-tape delay), because I will be glued to this spot on the map. 

Who’s ready for the MLB #FieldOfDreams game? 🌽 ⚾️ — TodayInSports (@TodayInSports3) August 5, 2021

This ballgame was supposed to happen around this same time last year between the White Sox and the St. Louis Cardinals, but due to Covid, the first pitch was pushed back to tomorrow. And the Yankee’s were added to the bill. The 1919 Black Sox were a central part of the 1989 Kevin Costner film and will be the home team. 

How to Watch 

The Game will be aired Nationally at 8 PM on Fox, following a one-hour pregame show. The game itself will feature both teams playing in throwback uniforms, “retro graphics,“ and all the signs will be hand-painted instead of the green screen commercials we all see on the backstops and fences now. 

Is it just me or…? 😅👀⚾ #whitesox #fieldofdreams #southside #chicago — Becca Novotny (@Bexdragon718) August 10, 2021

Sadly Just One on the Farm

Unlike other special neutral site games played in the not-so-distant past in Monterrey, Mexico, and London, England, there will be just one game played here; just a pathways walk from the real Field of Dreams. The rest of the three-game set will be played at Guaranteed Rate Field in Chicago. 

But say you wanna go…

Break out the Gold card. MLB held a lottery for Iowa residents to purchase tickets. And most of those have hit the secondary market. The lowest price seat I found on Seat Geek was going for $971.00. As a comparison, you could catch Sunday’s game between the same two teams on the south side for just 17 bucks. 

2 Dudes hitting the road to Dyersville, IA #FieldOfDreams @MLB Reppin’ #warwickbaseball @WTBABaseball @BaseballWarwick — Josh Diffenderfer (@JDiffenderfer80) August 11, 2021

For a baseball junkie like myself and so many of us this game is going to be a great escape from this past year’s Covid nightmare. Or from our locals’ recent woes. Field of Dreams is a timeless baseball film, one that reminds us what baseball was meant to be: a love affair between a country and its people, between parents, and children. A bridge that spans generations. An identity that is truly American. And reminds us that no matter how bad things are, if you’re a baseball fan, one question can sort it out. 

Man this never gets old…is it dusty in here? Must be dusty…🤔😢⚾🧢🌽 #FieldOfDreams #MissYouDad — CoachErsland (@CoachErsland) August 11, 2021

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Featured Image via Getty Images/Quinn Harris/Field of Dreams

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