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Fear and Loathing In Fenway Park 

The honeymoon is now over. The Bloom is officially off the Chaim. It’s opening day at Fenway and the biggest story is the complete lack of respect for it’s homegrown heroes. Fenway’s faithful are turning on John Henry’s Chief of Baseball Bullshit Chaim Bloom in numbers we haven’t seen here since Bobby Valentine called out Kevin Youkilis. 

Red Sox ownership trying to figure out what to offer Xander Bogaerts — Red (@SurvivingGrady) April 14, 2022

Inner Billy Beane

Bloom was brought here to cut costs, trim the fat of GM’s past and bring order to the payroll. What John Henry didn’t envision in his mongrel puppy birthed by a mother called Moneyball and Father called Greed was the backlash he and his pup now face after contract negotiations became public in the cases of homegrown heroes Xander Bogaerts and Rafael Devers. 

Oh my god John Henry and Chaim Bloom are sharing a cell in hell — Xanny DeVito (@trevorstweetss) April 7, 2022

Sharing Blame

Maybe the nation allowed this to happen. After giving Bloom an absolute pass in allowing Mookie Betts to be moved out west and not even blinking an eye when he dealt Benintendi to the Royals. The hubs Bloomin Idions were quick to back the moves citing the facts that Bogaerts and Devers were due for extensions. At the time believable arguments. But now in the face of all this ? Only the blind still believe anything more than Bloom is cleaning house to make way for his prospects.

Said it before, will say it again. If signing Trevor Story leads to the #RedSox letting Xander Bogaerts and/or Rafael Devers walk, it's a mistake. Big one. — Adam Kaufman (@AdamMKaufman) April 7, 2022

Not Boston Born But Boston Raised

Xander Bogaerts has been the epitome of everything Boston as much as anyone who has ever worn Red Sox across their chest. A four time silver slugger three time all star and most importantly two time world series champion. A man whose baseball career should be envied by most if not all of the shortstops who signed longer and richer deals than he was offered by his home team. A man who is so gracious he helped recruit the man who Bloom has set to replace him when he chooses to leave via free agency. A path he is sure to take after the offer he was handed. According to John Hayman, the best the Sox brass was willing to offer Xander is a 30 million dollar add on to his existing deal. So opt in for 20 million over the next three and 30 in the fourth. 

Devers coming off his best season in the Majors is staring at this year and next in Boston without a new long term deal. It’s been said he wants a contract that would keep him in Boston for LIFE – something that sounds pretty good to this writer and to the vast majority of Red Sox Nation. Yet that seems to be the furthest thing from the plan that Henry and Bloom have in mind. The sides are years and hundreds of millions of dollars apart. 

.@LouMerloni is NOT buying the @JonHeyman report the #RedSox submitted an extension offer to Xander Bogaerts adding just 1 year, $30M at end of current deal: “If the Red Sox offered this then shame on them … It makes ZERO sense! I don’t believe the report”#DirtyWater — Merloni & Fauria (@MerloniFauria) April 15, 2022

If you Believe it or Not

How long does Red Sox nation have to wait ? Every five to six seasons we go through this all the way back to Jon Lester up to the Betts trade. We watch it time and again. for one bullshit reason after another. Your home grown stars shipped off when it affected their bottom line. 

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