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Fan pledges $25,000 to match Draymond Green's fine

A Dallas resident has pledged $25,000 to a charity of Draymond Green’s choosing after the Golden State Warriors star was punished earlier this week for swearing at the fan during a game.

Green was slapped with a $25,000 fine Thursday evening for “directing obscene language toward a fan” during the Warriors’ 116-113 loss to the Mavericks two days earlier. The incident occurred with 11:20 remaining in the fourth quarter. A video circulated on Twitter showed Green telling a fan to “enjoy the f—ing game, shut up.”

Alykhan Rehmatullah came forward on Twitter Thursday night and identified himself as the fan engaging with Green. Rehmatullah defended Green and said the two were “just having fun.”

“I’m the guy you yelled at,” Rehmatullah wrote in a tweet directed at Green. “Shouldn’t be like that.”

Rehmatullah agreed to donate money to Green’s favorite charity or NBA Cares, the league’s global community outreach program.

“Your call lmk!” Rehmatullah wrote:

Draymond courts Controversies

Earlier this season, Green was fined, but not suspended, for punching teammate Jordan Poole in the face. Poole and Green appeared to exchange words before the altercation, and then Green sent him to the ground in return.

While that was a much more serious altercation, it goes to show that Green doesn’t hold back what he says or thinks and will express himself in some not-so-favorable ways.

Luckily, the fan took it lightly and rather seemed to view it as a harmless joke, but that won’t always be the case in interactions like that. The NBA had the right idea in mind by fining him, but because the fan is actively asking them not to, it may be a bit extreme.

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