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Every Holiday dinner needs a great desert

The Derrick White put-back was supposed to lead to the inevitable Game 7 win at home on Memorial Day. That did not happen, Miami bowed out to Jokic in the finals and Brad went to work.

Marcus Smart to Memphis in the Porzingis trade, Brogdon gone then back at the last minute.

The next piece was a sign-and-trade. Grant Williams to the Mavericks for multiple draft picks and a 6.7 million trade exemption. Some size out the door.

The Lillard trade got more press than just about any story in the off-season. Miami was to be the team in which Lillard would demand. The Blazers did what was right for the franchise, while the Suns got some good pieces in depth and possibly improved at Center. Vegas changed it's odds on who would win the title, with all 3 making out well in the trade.

Jrue Holiday becomes available and the Celtics pounce. Malcolm Brogdon was a malcontent, and Robert Williams is an elite defender but the old saying is "You need to give up something, to get something".

The desert, Isaiah Stewart from the Pistons. Use the Grant Williams trade exemption and picks to bring in interior toughness/depth.

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