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Erina's Birthday 7-Round Mock

A shoutout to my Sister Erina, on her Birthday. She wanted a mock draft. Almost 24 years in the US Army, give her a shoutout.

A trade with Seattle to start it off. The Patriots move down 6 spots to number 20 as the Seattle Seahawks get the heir to Geno Smith. 1-14 and 2-46 for 1-20, 2-37, 4-123, 5-151.

1-20 goes to Buffalo, yes the Bills, yes in the Division for 1-27, 2-59, and 2024 4th Rounder.

1-27: Zay Flowers (WR) BC- My NFL Comp is CeeDee Lamb, I believe he is WR #1 and can't be passed up.

2-37: Darnell Washington (TE) Georgia- The Patriots are always a year ahead on a position and now have a 6'7" Athletic TE. His 3-cone freaked me out.

2-59: Drew Sanders (LB) Arkansas- Great sub-Package LB to start who can blitz or cover.

3-76: Hendon Hooker (QB) Tennessee- He is an older prospect with injury but what a player. Athletic and accurate. You should draft this position every year.

4-107: Rashee Rice (WR) SMU- How is he still on the board, PHD in route running.

4-117: Blake Freeland (OT) BYU- Nate Solder lite to New England.

4-123: Tre-Vius Hodges-Tomlinson (CB) TCU-Bloodlines are huge to the Patriots plus would anything be better than seeing Uncle Ladainians head blow off his head having to cheer for the Patriots? Seriously, I love his athleticism and think he fits into the "we need to cover in the AFC" drive.

4-135: Chase Brown (RB) Illinois- Connect the tea leaves. A James White-like player who plays for one of Bill's confidants. Watch his wheel route.

5-151: Nick Broeker (OL) Ole Miss- Played OT then OG at Ole Miss. I like the gameday versatility and SEC Profile.

6-184: Jake Moody (K) Michigan- It may not take this long but does anyone not have this in mock? Incredible leg and can kick in bad weather.

6-192: DJ Johnson (EDGE) Oregon- A real sleeper whom the Pats will have great insight on. The new O-Line coach practiced against him every day.

Patriots traded 6-210 for 7-241 and a 2024 6th-round pick.

7-241: Bryce Baringer (P) Michigan St- Draft the bad weather guy at this position who has that leg.

7-245: Rashad Torrence II (S) Florida- Developmental DB who has some versatility.

This is the haul plus 2024 4th and 6th. These picks give you more ammo to make that fill-a-void trade in camp/preseason/roster cut day.

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