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E2G Top 20 NFL Draft QBs

1.Kenny Pickett (QB PITT) 

After an up and down 2020 season, Pickett had arguably one of the best seasons at the quarterback position in his school’s history. He is the best pro-ready QB in this draft. 

2. Matt Corral (QB Ole Miss) 

An injury in this year’s Sugar Bowl is the only reason he is not #1. Mobility is not a concern for Corral and will fit into many of the NFL teams’ spread offenses.

3. Sam Howell (QB UNC) 

The 2021 College Football season went as bad as it could have gone for Howell. The good news is, without Howell, North Carolina may win only four games. His pocket awareness and agility separate him from many QBs in this draft class.   

4. Malik Willis (QB Liberty) 

There are not a lot of scouts that don’t speak highly of Willis. One of the underrated things about Malik is his ability to lead. You cannot teach leadership. It might be underrated, but he is the real deal.  

5. Desmond Ridder (QB Cincinnati) 

Ridder’s NFL combine days have shot him up my rankings. When Cincinnati needed a big play, he delivered.  

6. Carson Strong (QB Nevada) 

Similar to Willis, leadership is a significant upside in his favor. Strong’s arm ability and athleticism can and will fit into many NFL systems.

7. Bailey Zappe (QB WKU) 

Zappe is a touchdown throwing machine. In 2021, he threw 62 touchdowns and only eleven interceptions. In the NFL, throwing the ball over 50 times is the norm. Look for Zappe to potentially get picked sooner than expected if some of the top QBs get chosen on day one.   

8. Brock Purdy (QB Iowa St)

A Lot of Howell, Purdy draft stock somewhat went down. Iowa St scheme showcased Purday’s abilities in the passing game and running the read-option. He is not the fastest QB in this year’s draft class, but he is serviceable. 

9. Kaleb Eleby (QB Western MICH) 

If you are looking for a QB that takes care of the football and isn’t careless, Eleby is your guy. His completion percentage was at 63. 5% and only threw six interceptions. However, the competition he played against draws some concern on how his game will translate at the pro level.  

10. Jack Coan (QB Notre Dame)

Notre Dame seems to breed NFL QBs. Once they get to the league, they either do not develop or never get a chance to get on the field. Coan is a bit different from the other Fighting Irish greats. His strength getting out of the pocket and reading defenses drives up his draft stock. Look for him to move up the rankings possibly.    

11. Tanner Morgan (QB Minnesota) 

Tanner’s senior season did not go according to plan. His size is a concern to many scouts. There’s a lot of upside with Morgan despite his numbers. 

12. Dorian Thompson-Robinson (QB UCLA)  

The new style of the NFL is playing right into the hands of Dorian. Speed and athleticism cannot be taught, and Thompson-Robinson is fast. Arm strength might negatively impact his draft stock. Be on the lookout for that come Draft day! 

13. D’Eriq King (QB Miami) 

There’s a reason why King is ranked where he is; what is that reason? I’m glad you asked. The reason is his experience could play to his disadvantage. He has played college football since 2016. I guess he needed more time to develop than most.  

14. Chris Oladuokun (QB South Dakota State) 

The non-power five schools are getting plenty of love on this list. Like many QBs on this list, the competition level is much lower than most. Expect Chris to be picked late in the draft but can be developed into a solid QB in the NFL. 

15. Dustin Crum (QB Kent St) 

Similar to King, the experience might work against him. Crum is not careless with and knows when to throw the ball away.

16. Skylar Thompson (QB Kansas St) 

Thompson’s experience is minimal in terms of throwing attempts. He only threw for 2,113 yards last season. Reps will be essential for Thompson if he wants to show what kind of player he is.  

17. Aqeel Glass (QB Alabama A&M)

HBU QBs have a bad reputation and do not last long in the NFL. That statement is no longer valid. Glass is 6’4, which plenty of NFL scouts will like. He is likely going to go undrafted. Be on the lookout for him to get signed early after the draft.  

18. Anthony Brown (QB Oregon) 

Brown is an overall average QB. The only thing that works to his advantage is his athleticism. After transferring to Oregon from Boston College, his draft stock slightly increased. My confidence in any NFL drafting or signing Brown is low, based on how he played late last season.  

19. Brandon Peters (QB Illinois) 

Peters did not have a standard 2021 season. He only played in five games last season but did throw for 1,170 yards. His pocket awareness is a significant upside.  

20. Logan Bonner (QB Utah St) 

You will likely see him move up the rankings after his pro day for the last QB on my list. After starting for multiple years, his experience will work to his advantage.

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