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E2G 2022 NFL Draft Team: Top 20 Off the Ball Linebackers by Robert

Top-20 Linebackers 

1.Devin Lloyd (ILB UTAH)

 The 6’3 Junior had a great season that ended with a Pac-12 title. Overall this season, Loyd had 65 solo tackles along with 8.0 sacks. Devin is number one on my Linebacker board coming into this years NFL Draft 

2. Christian Harris (OLB ALABAMA) 

Once again, Harris had another outstanding season. His speed off the edge and covering backs out of the backfield makes him a hot commodity in this year’s draft.   

3. Damone Clark (ILB LSU) 

The first Senior on my list, he is arguably one of the best linebackers coming out of this year’s draft. Clark will fit in about every NFL scheme after having 5.5 sacks this season with 78 solo tackles. 

4. Brandon Smith (OLB PSU) 

Yet another junior on my list, Smith’s Junior season was impressive. Throughout the season, Brandon was very consistent. Three times this season, he recorded six tackles or more.  

5. Nolan Smith (OLB GEORGIA) 

The second senior on my list, the former National Champion, was key to his team’s success. Smith had just 31 solo tackles but was constantly around the football-making plays. The outside linebacker brings a lot of versatility to the team that will draft him. 

6. Nakobe Dean (OLB GEORGIA) 

Dean, another Georgia player on this list, is a great run stopper. His stats and the way he plays are self-explanatory. Being an All-SEC player makes it easy to put in on this list.   

7. Zakoby McClain (ILB AUBURN)

 Not many people think he deserves to have this high ranking based on the season Auburn had, but wait for the explanation. Zakoby’s speed not only in the run game but in the passing game, covering tight ends, will benefit him come draft day.  

8. Quay Walker (ILB GEORGIA) 

The 6’4 senior primarily played inside this season which played to his strengths. Before his Senior season, Walker split time both outside and inside. His familiarity with playing different positions will improve his draft stock. 

9. James Skalski (ILB CLEMSON)

 After starting multiple years at Clemson, Skalski is ready for the NFL spotlight. His off-the-field leadership will play a crucial part in what round he gets picked. Sometimes, it is not always about the play on the field. When nobody is watching, he makes an impact in other ways; James will provide depth to many NFL rosters, which will be a significant advantage. 

10. Grant Morgan (ILB ARKANSAS) 

Yet another SEC player on my list; this isn’t by surprise. Moran’s tackling abilities are one of the best in the country. Like many of the players getting drafted this May, Morgan is no exception for playing multiple positions. While at Arkansas, his primary responsibility was to blitz. 

11. Arnold Ebiketie (OLB/DE PSU) 

9.5 sacks this year, 9.5. If you need a pass rusher, Arnold is your guy. The versatility both off the edge and in coverage will improve his draft stock. Expect him to move up my Linebacker list after the combine.   

12. Nik Bonitto (OLB OKLAHOMA) 

For three straight years, Bonitto constantly started for Oklahoma. In those years, he improved to become one of the best outside linebackers in the country. He only recorded 23 solo tackles, but his speed off the edge will show on combine day.  

13. Baylon Spector (ILB CLEMSON) 

After 36 solo tackles this season, his draft stock soared into this year’s NFL draft. The combine coming up at the beginning of March will play a huge factor in evaluating players like Spector.  

14. Chad Muna (LB WYOMING) 

Muna is one of the more underrated linebackers coming out in this year’s draft. Watch throughout the next 2-3 months to see him slide up the draft board for many teams. Eighty-five solo tackles are impressive, and that should not go unnoticed. 

15. Leo Chenal (LB WISCONSIN) 

After splitting time with other linebackers the last couple of years, Chenal played a key role on Wisconsin’s defense in 2021. He recorded eight sacks along with 55 solo tackles.

16. Jeremiah Gemmel (LB UNC) 

Gemmel brings consistency to the table every time he steps foot on the field. Jeremiah played in all 13 games this season. Look for him to raise many people’s draft boards after combine day.  

17. Nephi Sewell (LB Utah)  

Having the last name Sewell comes with a lot of expectations. Nephi has met expectations and will continue to improve once he gets in the NFL.  

18. Darrian Beavers (LB CINCINNATI)  

After making the College Football Playoff in 2021, Beaver has gotten plenty of exposure for not going to a power five school. His size and speed are some of the favorable treats he has.    

19. Troy Anderson (LB Montana St)   

In this year’s draft, a sneaky 3-4 round pick is one of the last players in my linebackers rankings. His size being 6’4, will play to his advantage on combine day.  

20. Terrel Bernard (LB BAYLOR) 

The last player on my top-20 linebacker list will likely be a top 100 NFL draft pick. One thing to pay attention to come draft days is, will Bernards being undersized be a factor in why he doesn’t get picked right away? It shouldn’t because he makes up for it with his speed all over the field. 

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