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DROPKICK: Pro-wrestling & Fast Food

Pro-wrestling and fast food are popular around the world, and Japan is no exception to this. And in the city of Hikari in Yamaguchi Prefecture is a restaurant that combines both: DROPKICK

Every weekday (except holidays), DROPKICK serves as a fast food restaurant. But they also often present pro-wrestling events with DROKEE’S YANAI-RING. Notable names who have participated in these events include NJPW star Minoru Suzuki, former KO-D Openweight Champion Takashi Sasaki, former BJW Death Match Heavyweight Champion Minoru Fujita, former Artist Of Stardom Champion Michiko Miyagi, and former UWA World Trios Championship Kuishinbo Kamen. Newer faces on the Japan-based pro-wrestling scene such as Sydney Shota Stevens make appearances as well.

Customers at DROPKICK can listen to pro-wrestling theme songs as they are played in the restaurant, and a TV in the restaurant shows famous matches of the industry’s past and present.

DROPKICK also features a wall that is signed by wrestlers who have participated in DROPKICK / DROKEE’S YANAI-RING shows. The wall also includes signatures of legends from the past, such as WWE Hall of Famers Stan Hansen and Abdullah The Butcher.

And of course, food is a main focus of DROPKICK as well. With a 4.3 star rating on Google, a popular favorite of visitors to the restaurant is DROPKICK’s takoyaki.

As a side note, pro-wrestling and fast food are not the only services that DROPKICK provides- if you are in the area, they can also do business trip bicycle puncture repairs.

The next time DROPKICK and DROKEE’S YANAI-RING will be presenting a pro-wrestling event will be on October 23 at 12pm, as Astro Z will face former AJW Champion Dump Matsumoto.

Dump Matsumoto most recently appeared at Michinoku Pro’s July event at Korakuen Hall.

For those of you who will be in Japan on October 23 and can attend this DROPKICK / DROKEE’S YANAI-RING event, you can get ticket information by direct messaging DROPKICK on Twitter here or by contacting Astro Z on Twitter here.

Twitter: @HWilliams13

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