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Dodgers Ball Girl being courted By Rams and Chargers

The Los Angeles Dodgers beat the Los Angeles Angels 8-2 on Sunday afternoon, but that wasn’t the real story coming out of Chavez Ravine. The highlight of the interleague weekend was the Dodgers’ ball girl who came up big when she made an open-field tackle of a fan who went running across the field.

Another view of the guy who eluded a whole team of security to get taken down by the ball girl — Baseball Fight Club (@mlb_fights) August 8, 2021

The man was possessed. Looking like the love child of Barry Sanders and Florence Griffith Joyner he zigged, zagged, and hit the afterburners from one side of the field to the other. Evading Seven members of the Dodgers security personnel who were in Benny Hill style pursuit of the fan as he ran toward the right-field stands. But then, the LA ball girl who was working along the right-field line got in his way and did her best, Dont’a Hightower impersonation. Squaring him up and flipping him up and over into the stands.

Ball girl to Dodger Stadium security — danny ⚾️🏆🇬🇹 (@gatodejazz) August 8, 2021

This gave the security personnel enough time to grab him while he was down. The fan was then arrested. I can only hope this Dodgers Ball Girl was handsomely rewarded with a LA Rams Contract. 

Remember folks. Defense wins championships. As always you can follow/give me grief on Twitter @Tmurph207 

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