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Dish Drops NESN: John Henry Leaves You Out in the Cold

Last night, NESN, YOUR local carrier of The Boston Red Sox and Boston Bruins , was dropped from Dish Network, continuing the company’s recent model to no longer carry Regional Sports Networks on their satellite service. Dish Network has already dropped: NBC Sports Washington, NBC Sports Philadelphia, MASN, AT&T SportsNet Pittsburgh, following the removal of Fox Sports RSNs (Now Bally Sports) and Altitude in 2019.

 Brian Neylon, group president, DISH TV released a heated statement to show to his customers just how hard the company tried to keep NESN on their platform 

In a scathing press release, DISH TV announces it has removed NESN from its service. — Chad Finn (@GlobeChadFinn) December 21, 2021

, “The current Regional Sports Network (SN) model is fundamentally broken. This model requires nearly all customers to pay for RSNs when only a small percentage of customers actually watch them. As the cost of these channels continues to escalate and a la carte viewing options become ever more accessible, we no longer think it makes sense to include them in our TV lineup.”

NESN has a nerve asking such high fees when their production values are so amateur. NESN still has to pause for “technical difficulties” during games like it’s 1994 — Patrick (@McJustTweeted) December 21, 2021

Greed is Not Good

Do not blame DISH for this people. This is all about John Henry’s lust for more money.  He isn’t trying to give you something for nothing, He wants NESN on the regular platforms so he can collect revenue from everyone who uses services like DISH and YOUTUBE.

Neylon went of to say 

“We have offered multiple solutions to keep NESN on DISH TV while providing the best value to all our customers,” We made an offer for NESN to be a separate standalone package, similar to premium channels like HBO or Showtime – they refused. We also offered NESN to be part of select DISH programming packages, but they refused this as well.”

Dish has dropped NESN, is now completely RSN-free — Awful Announcing (@awfulannouncing) December 21, 2021

Dish Network along with most of the “cut the cable” style services are cutting their own ties with the regional sports networks. An effort to keep their costs down to the vast majority of their customers who honestly could give a hang about having these channels. The lust for more money and the need to fill fuel tanks of their yachts is where this blame needs to be laid. and in the end you will pay in lower team payrolls as their profit margin needs to be met.

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