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Did you See Nate Eovaldi Last Night Mr. Bloom ? Red Sox Nation Did

Nate Eovaldi went to work last night in Arlington Texas and work he did. For nine innings Nasty Nate either left Yankees batters standing with their months agape at called third strikes or spinning around in the batter's box like a TOP. Eovaldi went the full nine, and gave up 3 hits. Two of those never left the infield. He struck out 8, and walked No One. With their big offseason acquisition Jacob deGrom recently sent to the DL, The Rangers needed something special and the second best pitcher ever to come out of Alvin Texas gave them just that. If you're wondering, Nolan Ryan is the other guy.

This past off season Chaim Bloom chose to let Nate Eovaldi walk out of your lives because 2 years and 34 million dollars was just too rich for his and John Henry's blood. There is a vesting option for a third season at 20 mm but even when that vests it's a bargain. Remove the 2 mm signing bonus and it's less than the Red Sox paid him on average in his last two seasons here in Boston. But just too much for the men on Jersey Street.

Instead of paying Nate Chaim Bloom chose to go in a different direction and toss 10 million at way former Cy Young winner Corey Kluber. Who at that ten million dollar mark is the fifth highest paid player and second highest paid pitcher on his ( Blooms ) roster. And what have you gotten for Chaim’s frugality ? one win four losses a 6.75 ERA in five starts. Four of those starts Kluber hasn't gotten past the 5th inning. In two of them he hasn't reached the 5th inning.

Meanwhile in Texas Eovaldi is 3-2 sporting an ERA of 3.93, that number is pumped up by a bad showing against the Royals where he gave up six runs in five innings of work. On the season Nate has gone at least five full innings in every start, 36 ⅔ on the year and has struck out 39 while walking just 5 batters while on the clock. get it ? on the clock . ( chuckles)

Seven Million Dollars people, that's the difference. You have to look at payroll year to year, But even if you didn't. Kluber's 10 million vs Eovaldi’s 17, 34 or even 54 with his option look shockingly bad on Bloom's resume. A resume that is plummeting with every transaction he makes. And doesn't make.

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