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Did Patriots GM Belichick miss with Tyquan Thornton ?

I am not that writer , I am not that writer , I am not that writer. Sorry, I need to convince myself of this fact. But it's true I am not one of those writers who jumps on Belichick the GM for screwing over Bill the coach. Then again. Today I might be. Tyquan Thornton was taken with the 50th pick in last year's draft. Yesterday he missed his 300th hour of meaningful training camp reps sitting on the sideline WATCHING. while others on this roster and in that 2021 draft look to be excelling.

Okay so I'm embellishing the 300 hours. But once again after stretching, Thornton was relegated to the lower field (go back and read that “ lower field “ with an ominous voice.) to do conditioning work. Yesterday I did my usual Friday (Locked on Patriots) spot with’s own Mike D’Abate and we got into it for quite a bit of time over Mr. Thorntons repeated absences and the lack of anything meaningful to report to you all. As this soft tissue injury just refuses to allow him to participate in what is becoming an urgent situation. Why urgent you ask ? good question lets answer it below.

Last year Thornton missed a massive amount of time due to a broken collarbone, including the first four games of 2022, this year after a promising set of OTA workouts it seems the injury bug has hit him again. Not that he was getting a ton of targets before hitting the “ LOWER FIELD '' the past two days. Meanwhile the likes of Demario Douglas and now Kayshon Boutte have been showing an aptitude for picking up this playbook and getting open downfield. You know the things Bill the GM drafted Mr. Thornton to do. Now look, it's early. Can Thornton right the ship and make an impact on this 2023 team ? Of course he can. The question is how far will he need to climb up the depth chart to do it.

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