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Devers and Sox Agree on One Year Deal , Is It 17.5 Million in Red Sox Propaganda

Dateline Boston : Yesterday just after 1PM ESPN'Jeff Passan announced that the Red Sox avoided arbitration with Rafael Devers as the sides agreed on a ONE Year contract at 17.5 million dollars. Well done. It’s never pretty when the two sides can sit down and get something done before the suits lay out all the reasons why the player isn't worth the money he's asking for. This was a tried and true method under Theo Epstein when dealing with arbitration eligible players.

That being said, what wasn't done is a long term deal. To these untrained bloodshot eyes this is an issue. An issue that it seems the Red Sox brass has not learned a lesson from. Yes John Henry will save about 13 million dollars this year but what will he lose in the long run ? The last piece of the puzzle in my estimation. Go on get the crow ready, I'll happily eat it later. Happily I say. I typed that in my Foghorn Leghorn voice.

While people of the ilk of Passan and John Haymen insist this is a good thing and the team and Devers are working on a long term contract all I'm asking myself is why put it off? All this does is extend Devers' age at the back end of any 10 plus 300 million dollar deal he is seeking. At 26 years old now is the time to lock up Raffy for 10. Mookie was 28 when he was shipped off to the Dodgers that gave the Sox brainless trust pause. Xander was in his walk year at 30 that put the Sox in full stop mode. But Raffy ? Raffy is a mere 26. I have tee shirts older than this kid. While I do believe that this deal will give the Sox an opportunity to keep talking, I don't believe a lot of conversation is going to happen. John Henry is shopping for a new yacht in the form of an NBA or NFL franchise. Maybe both. He’s looking to sell off parts or all of his Liverpool soccer team. I think he will do the same with the Sox and for some reason a low payroll and empty seats is enticing to potential buyers. Devers im sure at one time never saw himself playing anyplace but Boston. But when all your friends have moved out of their parents house it kind of kicks a kid in the ass to do the same.

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