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Detroit Tigers Ink Eduardo Rodriguez

The Detroit t Tigers reached an agreement with veteran left-handed starting pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez early Monday morning on a five-year deal that will pay him $77 million, with a chance to opt out after two seasons. He will also be able to earn an additional $3 million in incentives. I think they may have done this just to piss me off.

Eduardo Rodriguez’s deal, once finalized, will pay him $77 million over five years, sources tell ESPN. Detroit gets the youngest starter on the market to add to its young-and-talented rotation. Tigers are on the come-up. @CodyStavenhagen had the deal in place first. — Jeff Passan (@JeffPassan) November 15, 2021

You see earlier in the morning i went into great detail here as to the whos whys and where’s the now former Red Sox lefty may end up this off season. At least i focused on the final destination.

The #HotStove is Heating up, and the #RedSox Eduardo Rodriguez is on a lot of teams front burner #MLB #Boston #UnsungSportsGrid @IBWAA @E2GSports — Murph (@TMurph207) November 15, 2021

Now the questions turn to why.

Why did a man who has for his entire career played in one of the largest markets in baseball, need to turn to the Motor City to get paid? I estimated that it could cost between 75 and 100 million dollars to tie up Rodriguez in his first trip into free agency. As you can see the lotto number fell within that estimate, But losing out on a proven talent and a lefty who has shown himself in and postseason that when healthy is capable of dominating his opponents . A man who has no qualms taking the hill against the best the AL has to offer. why was he allowed to walk at the lower end of the dollars spectrum? It begs the question: What is Chaim Bloom doing? At an average annual of just 15 million even with the opt out after the 2023 season this seemed like a no brainer. Did Bloom not want to go five years? Was it the opt out ? Did Eduardo want to be reunited with Red Sox former pitching coach Juan Nieves?  Or had he just had enough with the demands of Boston and Alex Cora?

Time will tell

the Sox will get a Competitive Balance Round B pick which means somewhere in the early to mid 70’s. Who rah

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