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Death Taxes and Mike Trout to the DL

Writers often get tired of writing what feels like the same story over and over, this is one of those times. Mike Trout injuries are one of those stories. Yes folks after fracturing the hamate bone in his left wrist on Monday night the 3X MVP 9X Silver slugger & 10X All Star is indeed headed back to the DL Hotel.

From 2010 through 2016 Trout didn't check into that hotel once, not once. He was an ironman. In 2011 his first full season in the bigs he played in all 139 games he was on the roster for. From 2012 through 2016 he suited up in at least 157 games. Then the troubles began He missed 39 games in 2017 with a torn ligament in his thumb. Missed another 19 games in 2018 with wrist inflammation. He again missed 19 games in 2019 after foot surgery. And in 2021 a calf strain and back issues limited him to just 36 games on the season. In 2022 he got on the field for what was a nnow impressive 119 games.

Sing with me

Hands - Feet - Back - Elbows - Knees and Toes - Knees and Toes

Now the dreaded hamate. And what's being called a ten day stay. Being a member of Gen X i grew up watching some amazing ballplayers. From Rickey Henderson to Jim Rice - Manny and Pedro - Tony Gwynn - Ryan Sandberg - Jeff Bagwell - Nolan Ryan and Bonds. And on and on. When Mike Trout came up I thought to myself, here’s the greatest baseball player of all time. the one I've been waiting for my entire baseball loving life. And he may just be. The sad thing is his body keeps betraying him, Major League Baseball. And all of us.

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