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Day glue, I mean two (MLB sticky stuff crackdown ) 

On Monday, umpires around MLB started checking pitchers’ persons and things for foreign substances or “sticky stuff.” This largely went unnoticed and unreported across the world’s number one news source TWITTER (could you hear me chuckling as I typed that?). Day two of prohibition didn’t go quite as smoothly as day one had. Pitchers across the league fired back with all the intensity of a four-year-old who was told no to a cookie before dinner. 

A lack of offense in baseball has forced the hand of those who wear suits to ballgames to crack down on what pitchers are using to get a grip on the un-juiced baseball they are handed at the top of each inning. And after a day of enforcement, a few pitchers in MLB have had enough. 

The Scherzer – Girardi staring contest

Nationals‘ Ace Max Scherzer was the first to express his frustration after Phillies manager Joe Giardi demanded he be checked for a third time in the game after Giardi saw him “Touch his Hair.” Max got mad and a tad bit animated as the umps came out to inspect him for the thrice time. Resulting in a stare-down with the Phillies skipper as he walked off the field. 

Joe Girardi requested a check on Max Scherzer after he touched his cap a few times. It went exactly how you expected. #Natitude — Lunch Break Baseball (@LunchBreakBB) June 23, 2021

Funny how Giardi didn’t have an issue sending Michael Pineda out to the mound with two inches of pine tar smeared along his neck back in 2014 while Manager of the Yankees. But back to the present day. Giardi was trying to get into the head of the Nat’s Ace and it backfired. Scherzer got into his with a long glance at Joe. Prompting the hypocrite to leap from the dugout in one of the biggest “hold me back, hold me back” moments I’ve seen since middle school. Challenging Max to come at him. Getting Joey sent to the showers for being a fake tough guy. 

Let’s go west shall we

Athletics‘ reliever Sergio Romo made himself the story in a 13-6 blowout of the Rangers coming off the field after his one inning of work Tuesday evening. Coming damn near close to stripping. Dropping his hat, glove, and pants in front of umpire Dan Iassongna for what will now be a routine check.  

#MLB needs to start suspending ass hats for this , you ABUSED a rule largely overlooked and started using Gorilla glue out there , STOP WHINING BRATLINGS — Murph (@TMurph207) June 23, 2021

The players brought this on themselves. They have no right or reason to bitch, moan, and whine about this treatment. They chose to push a largely unenforced rule to the forefront of the 2021 season. They took it from rosin and sunscreen to what is tantamount to putting Gorilla Glue on the ball in an effort to up their spin rates and be able to throw harder.

Now, are there issues with how the new rules are being enforced? Sure, when your guideline is full enforcement of a centuries-old ignored rule you will make a few people upset. How to combat managers like Giardi. I like the hat former MLB third baseman Will Middlebrooks tossed at MLB feet last night.  

If a manager asks an umpire to check a pitcher mid inning and they find nothing, it should be treated as a challenge. If you’re wrong, you no longer have any challenges. Fair? I think so. — Will Middlebrooks (@middlebrooks) June 23, 2021

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