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Dan Shaughnessy proves once again Shanks Gotta Shank 

It was a nice day . Bills were almost paid, kids were happy, wife was walking around with a silly grin on her face that I take full credit for . Then Shank entered my afternoon. Yes folks Dan Shaughnessy the red headed step son of the BBWAA reared his ugly rusted head ( dont go there i love red heads, Just not this one) on my timeline and I heard the news. Shaughnessy is only Boston Globe BBWAA voter to exclude David Ortiz and his Three Rings from his MLB Hall Of Fame Ballot . 

Ballot #154 is from Dan Shaughnessy. For the second consecutive year, he submits a Kent-only ballot. He is the only voter from the Boston Globe to not vote for David Ortiz. The Globe's group reveal: In the Tracker: — Ryan Thibodaux (@NotMrTibbs) January 11, 2022

For the second year in a row, Shaughnessy left his ballot blank with the exception of Jeff Kent . You remember Jeff Kent the clean cut could never be a juicer second basemen. Who during the first six years of his MLB career belted 72 home runs. And in his next six ( While inhabiting a locker right next to Barry Bonds) in San Francisco hit 174 round trippers. That Jeff Kent. who Dan described as  

“dominant at his position in the time he played and there is no whiff of cheating or off-field scandal.”

Yea okay . Dan went on to further justify his single check mark thusly. 

“Look him up: Among all second basemen, Kent ranks first in homers and third in RBIs — better than Ryne Sandberg or Joe Morgan,” Shaughnessy wrote. “He also was National League MVP in 2000. He has a higher WAR than Bobby Doerr.”

6 of the 7 HOF votes from the Boston Globe went to David Ortiz, @Dan_Shaughnessy is the only one not voting for him, he’s only voting for ONE player… Jeff Kent. — Boston Strong (@BostonStrong_34) January 11, 2022

As for leaving Big Papi off his ballot he chose to take the snobs road.

“Fair or unfair, I’ve never voted for anyone who got caught using PEDs or appeared to gain an unfair advantage by juicing…In my opinion, Ortiz will gain entry when voting is revealed Jan. 25. Good for him. But there’s no vote here, because I’m trying to be consistent. Big Papi failed MLB’s baseline testing in 2003. The commissioner asked us to ignore that failed test — a presidential pardon not granted Sosa, A-Rod, or Manny, who also failed the same test. I didn’t vote for the others. Not voting for David.”

Can you Write this history of Baseball without Ortiz ?

I’ve written on the Ortiz Non-Positive before, by all means go check it out if you haven’t already. What today’s omission and above quote proves beyond a shadow of a doubt is. What a slimy greasy I take no blame and hold all accountable for the steroid era of baseball lowlife he is.  Shank and his counterparts turned a blind eye all during this era of baseball. They wanted no answers so they asked no questions. Even as they saw Bonds and Sosa and Bagwell transform before their eyes. and now they pick and choose? Now they Ride the High Horse ?  Based on what ? Leaked information to tests that no one knows what was being tested for . How morally bankrupt can you be ? 

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