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Daily Football Grind 3.31

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A daily look around the football world of what’s going on with all the moving parts.

  1. Some interesting tidbits of what the New England Patriots are doing to get ready for the draft.

  2. Rumors all over the place but here are some players linked to the Dolphins.

  3. The Good, Bad and Ugly on the Wide Receiver class per PFF.

  4. Denver Broncos appear to have eyes on the Notre Dame Pro Day.

  5. Jim Leonhard will be in the NFL someday but he wasn’t ready to the make the move.

  6. Tampa Bay hoping the Penn State center is available to them..

  7. Marco Wilson has some questions to answer but he comes from a football family and should do well. 

  8. Could the Supreme Court really go against the NCAA?

  9. LV Raiders loving the Alabama running backs.

  10. Are the Eagles going to really draft well after the trade?

  11. How will the NFL record books get changed with 17 games?

  12. Have the Giants addressed the offensive line one former GM doesn’t think so

  1. Will the Cowboys miss out on Surtain….they haven’t even spoekn yet.

  1. Football fans love another NFL game but what about the players?

  1. The steal of the NFL Draft

Hope you enjoy the daily grind where I share of the more interesting stories out there today on NFL and college football.

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