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Chris Sale - Nate Eovaldi Back in the Rumor Mill

Last Night John Heyman of the I haven't gotten a damn thing right Haymen’s floated out into the atmosphere that the Red Sox were getting calls on “ Teams Checking In on the Availability of lefty Chris Sale” That sound you just heard were my eyes rolling across the floor.

I’m sorry John but did you also just say the Red Sox view the starting rotation as an area of depth ? Now I have no doubt in my mind that John was told both these things before publishing that tweet. BUT . I also believe it's all propaganda started by the powers that refuse to be down on 4 Jersey Street. While Bloom, John Henry, and Sam Kennedy would like nothing more than to escape the clutches of the monitor killing, cycling menace of Boston. No one and I mean no one is calling about his availability. Not even Mets owner Steve Cohen is willing to gamble on a pitcher who has managed 11 starts over the past two seasons. Eleven. And is due 74 million dollars over the next three. This is fantasy land.

Now let's digress . The Sox view their rotation as an area of depth. Sale - James Paxton - Brian Bello - Nick Pavetta and Garret Whitlock are about as deep as the kiddie pool you have collecting dust out in your shed. This is more propaganda fed to the masses to lessen the blow when Nate Eovaldi signs someplace else. And he will sign someplace else. Teams are just trying to overturn every stone before inking the right handed Eovaldi who also has injury concerns and is tied to draft pick compensation after the Red Sox made him a qualifying offer of 19.56 million dollars. While Chris Cotillo of Mass Live reported the Sox made Nasty Nate a multi year offer, terms of that deal were never made public. Wonder Why? More lowballing ?

Two things that I find almost certain in this Red Sox hot-stove season. Don’t believe the words Red Sox and interested in while strung into the same sentence and John Haymen reports. John isn't lying to you. People are lying to John.

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