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Chicago Red Stars Dysfunction Deepens

The crisis rocking the Chicago Red Stars does not look like abating anytime soon, in fact, it's going to get w worse before it gets better.

On Tuesday, two investigations indicated just how far the club has to go.

The Athletic reported that members of the current Board of Directors were made aware of internal concerns as early as September 2021.

According to the report, the board took no action until after the Sally Q. Yates investigation, stripping owner Arnim Whisler of his role as Chairman of the Board.

The piece includes stories about former head coach Rory Dames dividing his locker room, concerns turned aside by Whisler and how money dictated almost everything within the club.

It also describes how Whisler reportedly housed players in buildings that he himself owned.

Bottom line

As the calls for Whisler to sell grow louder, every club can learn a lesson about the consequences of turning a small operation into an excuse for bad behavior.

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