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Charlette & Robyn: The Renegade Twins of AEW

With backgrounds in softball, Charlette & Robyn were introduced to pro-wrestling as fans via their father. They enjoyed it, having their own individual favorites- Charlette’s being Becky Lynch and Randy Orton, and Robyn’s being Sasha Banks and Roman Reigns.

When Charlette & Robyn decided to become pro-wrestlers as well, they began their training beginning in 2019 at Nightmare Factory, a Georgia-based wrestling school owned and operated by AEW star QT Marshall, and the same place where Angelicia Risk was trained. Charlette & Robyn still go to Nightmare Factory for training, and there is a video of them there in 2021 online.

Charlette & Robyn have made a number of appearances in AEW since 2021, mainly in singles matches. Charlette has had matches with talents including Tay Conti and Emi Sakura, while Robyn has had matches with talents such as Jade Cargill and Nyla Rose (who also wrestled Charlette in her AEW debut).

Charlette & Robyn have teamed together in AEW on only two occasions, the first time being in January this year, facing Tay Conti & Anna Jay, and in March, going against Ruby Soho & Anna Jay.

Outside of AEW however, Charlette & Robyn mainly wrestle as a tag team, calling themselves, “The Renegade Twins”. And that is when they shine brightest. Charlette & Robyn’s individual styles complement each other, with Charlette being the stronger of the two, and Robyn being the faster and more agile of the two.

Early in their careers, The Renegade Twins began wrestling with experienced talent. In January 2020 they wrestled in the Georgia-based Empower Wrestling, where they competed with Candy Cartwright and Nikki Addams (who has made appearances for ROH), Nina Monet (who has appeared in WOW as Siren) & Ravana Xin, and Diamante (who wrestles for AEW) & Kiera Hogan (who also wrestles for AEW but is best known for her appearances for Impact Wrestling).

The Renegade Twins wrestled in Empower again the next month, this time facing Nina Monet and Mother Endless. Charlette & Robyn had a better outcome in this match and had more of an opportunity to show their talent as a team.

By 2021, The Renegade Twins had developed as a team to the point that they made an impact in every promotion they wrestled in. The Renegade Twins arrived in the Texas-based Mission Pro Wrestling (MPW) in June, a promotion that is owned by AEW star Thunder Rosa. Prior to being invited to MPW, Robyn had an AEW match with Rosa in May of that year (making her AEW debut), and Charlette had met her at a seminar before that.

Only four months later, The Renegade Twins captured the vacant MPW Tag Team Championship, defeating Katalina Perez (who has made appearances in AEW) & Lexi Gomez.

The next month, The Renegade Twins captured gold again, this time capturing the vacant CCW Tag Team Championship in the Deleware-based Capital Championship Wrestling, defeating Heather Monroe (who has made appearances in AEW) and Rae Lyn (who has also made appearances in AEW).

To date, The Renegade Twins are still tag team champions in both promotions, and have been successfully defended their championships against a variety of challengers, including Kelsey Reagan and Viva Van (who has made AEW appearances) in MPW, and Riley Shepard (who has appeared in AEW) & Devlyn Macabre in CCW. And The Renegade Twins are not lacking in confidence.

The Renegade Twins are freelance wrestlers at this point in time, and that is something that they are striving to change.  Whether it’s AEW where they are performing semi-regularly, WWE (where they had a tryout in December), or somewhere else, their goal is to be signed to contracts. At the rate The Renegade Twins are going, this will happen sooner than later.

Twitter: @HWilliams13

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