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Chaim Bloom : Look Fanbase Shiny Things

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

While Red Sox Nation was wringing their hands and refreshing their browsers all day about the “reports” of the Red Sox and Xander Bogaerts being in “ Deep Negotiations “ Chaim Bloom was hard at work… Hard at work trying to distract you all with shiny objects. You know like you do children. Because of course what the kids want isn't good for. I have to be the parent here and make you eat your veggies. I'll just wave my keys and distract you before the DR jabs you in the heart with this six inch long syringe. You all know what you want. But ill give you what i need.

Jansen is the Anchor

Wednesday morning the Sox leaked out that they have come to an agreement with former Dodgers and most recently Braves closer Kenley Jansen on a two year 32 million dollar deal, ESPN. Jeff Pasan had it first ( shocker. ) Since 2018 the sox have been in closer by desperation mode. The list of men to take the hill in a Boston uniform has been long and anything but distinguished. What Jansen does is bring stability to the back end of this pen for the first time in five seasons. His work in LA is legendary and I won't bore you with stats. This is a bravo move. Especially after tying up southpaw Joely Rodriguez and the right handed Chris Martin. The Sox had converted just 39 of 67 save opportunities in 2922. Wish bloom had done it last year like i told him too.

Welcome to America Masataka Yoshida

Later during yesterday's Winter Meeting wrap up it came to light that Bloom had lured Japanese star Masataka Yoshida to Boston just moments after his Orix Buffaloes posted him. The Sox will pay the hard hitting outfielder 90 million ( HUGE overpay) dollars over the next five years. Is he a cornerstone outfielder? No. not by any means. His glove and range are limited and his power numbers will certainly drop here in the states. But his solid contact rate, ability to hit to the gaps and plate discipline will. in the words of Jonah Hill in Moneyball “He Gets On Base “ and he does it at a prolific rate. Last season he batted .336 and had an OBP of .449. He should fit in left field nicely allowing Alex Verdugo to move over to right.

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