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CBA talks: Can it BE any more Annoying?

We need to stop playing into the crap storm of the CBA.  Why? Because we are being used. 


There are a couple of things fans should have learned from 2020. The Player’s Union and MLB weren’t going to negotiate a deal within a week. We all saw the circus that was to have a 60-game season. The 2020 season was a joke not only because of the number of games. Both sides took priority to talk crap about the other through reporters. The sad part is it’s happening again and the fans are playing into it.

MLB leaders and the union are expected to restart talks on core economic at the end of the week or early next week but other important yet less contentious issues are on the agenda today and tomorrow. Those include the drug policies, international play and many more items. — Jon Heyman (@JonHeyman) February 2, 2022

This negotiation has already become a circus because of the constant reports of when meetings are taking place and what is offered. We do not need to know any of that. The two sides should be meeting without an announcement. The reporters constantly tweeting about Spring Training being in jeopardy and the season as a whole is annoying.


It was reported that MLB requested the assistance of a federal mediator to help resolve this. They tried this in 1994 and we all know what happened but this is different. This is during a lockout and two weeks before the start of Spring Training. Is it a good sign? Possibly. Constantly looking at things negatively gets you nowhere. The person waiting for the green light has helped “save” the NHL season before. Will the MLBPA agree to it? It’s reported it isn’t likely. That doesn’t mean the union doesn’t want to play or make a deal and agreeing to the mediator also doesn’t mean a deal will happen tomorrow. 

Don’t play into what is being reported because it’s all to get a reaction from the fans to make the other look bad.

The union seems unlikely to accept MLB’s offer today to have federal mediator try to bridge the large gap. The union offered “no comment” but they recall the mediator didn’t solve things in 1994. MLB is frustrated by 2 years of no’s but the union sees this as PR. @JeffPassan 1st — Jon Heyman (@JonHeyman) February 3, 2022


I get it, you want baseball to start on time. I do too but you have to remember these talks are about people’s careers. It’s not about the fans. Voicing your frustration because a guy makes more than you do to play a “kid’s sport” isn’t the vibe one should have. You pay to watch that “kid’s sport” whether it’s via $16 for a beer or as an add-on to your cable bill. All the while you sit and comment as if you can do the job better. If you were in a similar situation in your job or even playing a sport for a living, you would want the reps to negotiate a deal that benefits you too. It’s harsh but just because you aren’t making that money to hit or throw a baseball doesn’t mean the ones that do owe you anything.

The whole “millionaires vs billionaires” argument is getting old and one can argue it is a wrong one as well. — Travis Sawchik (@Travis_Sawchik) January 13, 2022


I have a feeling there is more to what we have been led to believe and both sides are using the reporters for PR sake. That’s just my gut feeling. You can assume Spring Training is going to be delayed. Although, don’t be surprised if a deal is made within two weeks and the regular season isn’t affected. Thinking the owners and players don’t care to play baseball this year is just foolish. Both sides want a deal done but they want to look better than the other during the process.

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