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Carlos Rodón To The Red Sox High Risk High Reward  

Dateline Boston ,

I always wanted to write that , Mired in the midst of this insufferable lockout my mind tends to wander. Most of the time it ends up in a seat at Fenway Park. Not too shabby of a walk about. Today as i sit behind home plate I had a vision a vision of a left handed power pitcher who blows through opposing batters like a hot knife through butter. That Pitcher is free agent Carlos Rodón 

First up on my Twins wish list is Carlos Rodón. Rodón possesses two above-average pitches: a "rising" fastball, and a true slider. He will also sprinkle in a changeup and curveball as needed too. Misses bats and has Ace potential. #MNTwins Data from: — Jeremy Maschino (@JMaschino_56) December 29, 2021

You see, unlike so many who worship at the feet of Chaim Bloom, I’m of the ilk that in this game we all love so deeply a bigger gamble is sometimes worth it. And I believe Carlos Rodón is worth a gamble. While Bloom plays roulette with chips down on James Paxton and Rich Hill I actually want to play a little blackjack. And split a pair of Kings. 

Rodon is coming off the best season of his career. 2021 saw him make his first All-Star appearance and finish 5th in the Cy Young race. Part of his success, he stayed on the field. He finally had a relatively healthy season. Rodon flexed a 2.37 ERA over 24 games started. He had an ERA+ of 183, that’s 83 points higher than the major league average, ( three Savants told me that’s good ) while striking out 185 and walking 36. No one needs to tell me that’s good. and they aren’t opener numbers. 

Lowest ERA 3rd time through the order in 2021 1. Carlos Rodon, 1.44 2. Max Scherzer, 1.45 3. Adam Wainwright, 1.78 4. Jordan Montgomery, 1.93 5. Clayton Kershaw, 1.95 — Jacob (@CardinalsReek) January 2, 2022

Rodon just turned 29-years old in December , So the Sox would be getting his services in what most would describe as his prime years. The only hitch is can he repeat his 2021 success over what I see as a three year 45 million dollar deal. That offer could easily be beefed up with a pair of option/ buyout years tossed in at the end. I think it’s worth the price. The shoe is still full , So I’ll pay to see those next two cards. 

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