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Can Phillies Kyle Schwarber Stay Hot

Kyle Schwarber signed a 4 year / $79,000,000 contract with the Philadelphia Phillies, this past off season and Red Sox Nation wept. You see, “ Kyle From Waltham “ as dubbed by Jarred Carrabis became a folk hero in a very short period of time here in Boston. And Boston doesn't like to see their folk heroes walk out the door over tiny little things like twenty million dollar a year contracts.

The kid Waltham adopted took the money that Phillies GM Dave Dombrowski ( why can't the Red Sox find a GM this shrewd ?) offered him and ran. Can you blame him ? I couldn't and no one in Waltham or Boston did either. He repaid the savvy GM by belting 46 home runs and driving in 94 runners, pretty nice investment if you ask me. But let's digress. We are here to talk about the postseason.

Schwarber's bat is hotter than hell right now. He shrugged off a slow start to the postseason 1 for 20 with 8 strikeouts in the NLWC and NLDS series combined. And let his team carry him into the NLCS. and here the NLCS is where Waltham's favorite son paid this teammates and GM back. this is where Schwarber bat shined bright. Kyle batted .400 with 3 home runs and 4 RBI he also took ball four 6 times in those five games. If he can keep this up Waltham may need to block out some time and block off its streets for a tiny parade for their adopted son.

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