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Buddy- Patriots 7-Round Mock Draft with many trades as GM

The hay is in the barn people.  The scouting via film, live, combine, All-Star games, and personal visits have brought me to this point.

I come in with a goal:  Get more draft capital because we need to fill some holes.  We’ll double-dip, trade up or trade down if necessary but most importantly stay true to the board.

Pick 21 has come up and the feel to move down because our grades allow this and to get some currency.  The Chiefs are on the line with one of their two first-round picks.  The trade, #21 overall for #29 overall, #94, #233 and #243.  Still got a first-rounder, and added a third with two seventh-rounders late.  Come late day 3, we can be talking to potential Undrafted Free agents and if it’s a guy we really like and doesn’t sound like we’re winning the bargaining.  Get their rights by picking.

Pick 29- Teams are looking to move up for a great reason.  The 5th year option on a First Round pick.  One of those picks is what I call the catbird seat.  The Jaguars offer picks #33 and #157 from Jacksonville.  I hope the phone bill is paid, they’ll be calling.

Day Two

The ever-popular Ras-I Dowling pick.  Do we have guys in the graded area-yes?  First-round grade on a stud but think we can slide a little.

Trade #33 overall to New York Giants for picks #36 and #172.

Pick #36- HE’S THERE.  Kenyon Green (OL) Texas A&M.  He provides great positional versatility, and toughness. Day one starter.  We just added toughness to the room.

Pick #54- Quay Walker (LB) Georgia- He fits the profile more than a Nakobe Dean, versatile, and most importantly- had the taste of winning.  We’ll have lots of guys in camp at this spot, be ready to compete.

Pick #85- Troy Andersen (LB) Montana St- Chess piece type player who if you want to have some fun, can play Wildcat QB.  He’s a leader, tough, and a 4-down player.  We double-dipped at a strong position.

Pick #94- Philadrian Mathis (IDL) He comes with a referral from Saban that says his pairing with Barmore will provide strength to an area in run defense that was really weak.

Day Three

We haven’t been Sexy, that time has come on Day Three.  There are players at positions who played in high leverage games in their college careers.  We’ve done our homework, let’s get it.

Pick #127- Alec Pierce (WR) Cincinnati- Boundary WR for a program that really rose with him being a key.  Brings size to the room that we’ve missed on in the past.

We see one of his college teammates we had a high grade on at a position of need.  The call is to Green Bay for trade.  We’re acquiring pick #132 for #157 and #233

Pick #132- Coby Bryant (CB) Cincinnati- Played opposite “Sauce” Gardner at Cincinnati, he was a stud and tough.  He brings man-to-man ability.

We scouted a guy twice and need to move up again.  We’re going to double-dip in the 4th round.  Trade up to #151 overall giving up 170th overall and a 2023 6th round pick.

Pick #151- Chase Lucas (CB) Arizona St- Like Bryant, we’ve got a prospect coming in with solid man-to-man skills.  This is a program we’ve built a good report with and get some good knowledge on the prospects.

Pick #173- Matt Araiza (P) San Diego St- Our flip the field prospect, who kicks lefty and saves money on the cap.  Can kick too!!

Pick #200- Stanley Berryhill III (WR) Arizona- True Slot guy.  Quick, gets YAC, can be a home-run hitter.

Cincinnati is on the line for #210, there are some guys we’ve got good grades on some prospects left and the Undrafted free agent calls have started.  This secures guys in our system.  Trade #210 to #226 and #252.

Pick #226- Smoke Monday (S) Auburn- Special teams, depth, leader, and most importantly versatile.

Pick #243- Amare Barno (EDGE) VaTech- Barno, needs refining in his game but the athleticism is there.  Look at those limbs!!

Pick #252- C.J Verdell (RB) Oregon- Verdell was a lead back at a big-time football school.  He has all the skills of a third-down RB, who can learn under James White and hit the ground running in 2023.

Any thoughts hit me up @e2gfounder

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