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Buddy- Enhancing the game

It’s pretty obvious, I love to watch sports.  I’m at my desk, with my dog Stark, keeping up with everything and communicating with the best staff around.  Come night, it’s game time.  I don’t just watch the games, I pump it up loud and listen to the music, chants, and real or fake cheers.  Over the years of watching sports, I’ve developed a love for certain chants or celebration songs in different stadiums.  Here’s a shortlist, maybe I can get you on my plan.

1.Go Pack Go

It’s so cheesy that it’s cool.  Good beat gets the fans involved and is one of the more known.

2.Colorado Avalanche- All the Small Things

This is badass, they keep it going through the game and pick it up in the arena during a  break in the action.

3.The Wave in Iowa

At the end of the 1st quarter of every Iowa home game, the two teams and sold-out crowd wave to the Children’s Hospital next door.  Just chills.

4.Renegade at Heinz

I hate the Steelers, I love this.  Look at that place get amped, just taken to another level.

5.VaTech enter Sandman

If this doesn’t make you want to go on a Terry Tate-like tackling spree of everyone within a mile of you, you have no soul.

6.Blackhawks National Anthem

Different, not for everyone but a must-see

7.Jericho Entrance in AEW

This is the best one so far against the MJF

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