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Buddy- Best 5 picks of the 6th Round

6-180: Buffalo Bills- Matt Araiza (P-K) San Diego St

This guy may have the best job in the world with all the weapons the Bills have for 2022.  When he does come on the field, he’s got the ability to kick the ball through the Buffalo wind and set up a stout defense.

6-182: New York Giants- Darrian Beavers (LB) Cincinnati

I’m shocked he lasted until the 6th round.  His tape is solid and his workouts were better than expected.  He can fill multiple roles and contribute on Special teams.

6-184: Minnesota Vikings- Vederian Lowe (OL) Illinois

Versatile, underrated, and got a year of coaching from Brett Bielema.  He ran some clean sheets in his final year at Illinois, provides great Gameday depth.

6-199: Carolina Panthers- Cade Mays (OL) Tennessee

Automatically adds toughness to a room.  Physical, IOL who will fight his way to starter spot by midseason (that’s a spoiler).  I just love tough guys like this, Carolina may not know who’s throwing the ball but he’ll be protected.

6-212: L.A Rams- Derion Kendrick (CB) Georgia

This is a great developmental guy on a roster that is stacked and maybe won a Super Bowl.  Kendrick has that Buster Skrine feel where he’ll always have a job in the league because of skills.  Playing at Clemson and Georgia gives you big-game experience

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