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Buddy 7-Round Mock Team by Team with explanations-AFC North

Cleveland Browns

2-44: DeMarvin Leal (IDL) Texas A&M

3-78: Khalil Shakir (WR) Boise St

4-118: Damarri Mathis (S) Pitt

6-202: D’Marco Jackson (LB) App St

7-223: Kyler McMichael (CB) UNC

7-246: Braden Galloway (TE) Clemson

Analysis: The Browns’ big draft prize is Watson.  Leal comes in as an interior presence on 3-downs.  The beauty is finding ways to get Garrett more one on ones. Shakir is a good fit with this group led by Cooper, he can give quality snaps along with the formation.  Mathis is a good depth CB, who excelled on Special Teams. Jackson is ditto to Mathis but at LB.  McMichael could be a hidden gem who just needs to find his confidence.  Galloway is an athletic TE with some upside, Austin Hooper has moved on.

Pittsburgh Steelers

1-20: Zion Johnson (IOL) BC

2-52: Tariq Woolen (CB) UTSA

3-84: Carson Strong (QB) Nevada

4-138: Ottito Ogbannia (IDL) UCLA

6-208: Nick Grant (S) Virginia

7-225: David Anenih (LB) Houston

7-241: Michael Woods II (WR) Oklahoma

Analysis: Johnson is a Day One plug-and-play guy.  He brings the physical side the Steelers need to get Harris going. Woolen is a riser on the board, bringing good size and athleticism which is needed just for the Cincy games.  Carson Strong brings a solid arm to the room and upside in the passing game for the future. Ottito Ogbannia is a true NT with some down-the-line ability against ball carriers.  Nick Grant will compete with some vets, who’ve been in the league but brings versatility.  Anenih is a 3-4 OLB in the Steeler mold to develop.

Baltimore Ravens

1-14: Trent McDuffie (CB) Washington

2-45: Tyler Smith (IOL) Tulsa

3-76: Phidarian Mathis (IDL) Alabama

3-100: Myjai Sanders (EDGE) Cincinnati

4-110: Luke Goedeke (OT)

4-119: Kyle Phillips (WR) UCLA

4-128: Brandon Smith (LB) Penn St

4-139: Sterling Weatherford (S) Miami (OH)

4-141: Rachaad White (RB) Arizona St

6-196: Austin Allen (TE) Nebraska

Analysis: McDuffie is a riser on many boards and fits as an understudy to Humphrey and Peters. Smith, Tyler Smith fits the toughness of the Ravens IOL which provides lanes for a dangerous run game.  Mathis comes from Alabama and has teachers in Campbell and Derek Wolfe.  Taught and then take over.  Goedeke is an OG in my books, a position you can’t have enough depth in the Greg Romans Offense.  The truth is the Ravens need to draft WRs who play in the middle, Phillips fits that mold.  Smith can play in the ILB rotation and contribute on ST.  Malik Harrison hasn’t quite worked out for the Ravens, Weatherford comes in as an ST menace and depth at S with versatility. White provides depth and possible 3rd down skills to the backfield.  Austin Allen comes in a steady all-around TE who could develop in the system.

Cincinnati Bengals

1-31: Kenyon Green (OL) Texas A&M

2-63: James Cook (RB) Georgia

3-95: Greg Dulcich (TE) UCLA

4-136: Jaylen Watson (CB) Washington St

5-174: Kevin Austin (WR) Notre Dame

6-209: Derion Kendrick (CB) Georgia

7-226: Vederian Lowe (OL) Illinois

7-252: Connor Heyward (TE/FB/HBack) Michigan St

Analysis:  We all saw the beating Joe Burrow took in the postseason.  The O-Line has been built up but a guy like Kenyon Green brings toughness and pushes guys to earn spots.  Cook is the ideal RB to compliment Joe Mixon and become the 3rd down RB right away.  Dulcich provides more to the passing game than the running game and compliments the Hurst/Sample duo very well.  I put Watson and Kendrick together as CB who can learn this season and replace Apple and Awuzie.  Lowe is a versatile backup who played well under the tutelage of Bielsma at Illinois.  Connor Heyward has a lot of Juszyczyk-type roles.

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