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Buddy 7-Round Mock Team by Team with explanations-AFC East

New York Jets

1-4: Evan Neal (OT) Alabama

1-10: Kyle Hamilton (S) Notre Dame

2-35: Arnold Ebiketie (EDGE) Penn St

2-38: Devin Lloyd (LB) Utah

3-69: David Bell (WR) Purdue

4-111: Mario Goodrich (CB) Clemson

4-117: Alec Lindstrom (IOL) BC

5-146: Eyioma Uwazurike (IDL) Iowa St

5-163: Jalen Wydermyer (TE) Texas A&M

Analysis of Roster and picks fit:   Evan Neal comes in as a Day One starter on either side..  The real question is Mechi Bechton.  What is his health, who plays which side when they are healthy  The fact is a healthy group protects the franchise Quarterback.  Kyle Hamilton Is a Saleh player who paired with Ashtyn Davis is a solid group to let the guys up front eat.  Ebiketie forms a nice pass rush duo with Carl Lawson while John Franklin-Myers eats up the early downs. Devin Lloyd gets to be what Blake Cashman couldn’t be, paired with Mosley and then the heir inside.  David Bell is an Outside WR opposite Corey Davis which does the most important thing, puts Elijah Moore in the slot.  Mario Goodrich is an outside CB with big-game experience.  He competes right away.  Lindstrom, provides Gameday, the multi-position depth behind Vera-Tucker, and free-agent signing Laken Tomlinson.  Uwazurike is an up-and-coming prospect with great size if the Jets ever go to an odd front.  Rotate and learn from Soloman Thomas and Sheldon Rankins. Wydermyer has all the tools to be a 3-down TE but really slipped in 2021.

New England Patriots

1-21: Devonte Wyatt (IDL) Georgia

2-54: Travis Jones (IDL) UConn

3-85: Troy Andersen (LB) Montana St

4-127: Alec Pierce (WR) Cincinnati

5-158: Coby Bryant (WR) Cincinnati

5-170: Jack Jones (CB) Arizona St

6-200: Damone Clark (LB) LSU

6-210: Stanley Berryhill III (WR) Arizona

Analysis of Roster and picks fit: The best song lyric to describe this mock draft is from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers remake of the Ohio Players Roller Coaster.  Move over Dad because I’m a double-dipper.  Not a sexy draft but filling.  Wyatt is the key to the whole Georgia defense, he is so technically sound like a player and versatile.  Travis Jones is your 0 or 1 technique with the ability to push the pocket.  Barmore, Wyatt, and Jones now form a trio that eliminates a lot of the problems.  Those problems are not getting off the field on 3rd down or not even getting to 3rd down.  You can save some salary-0cap with Anderson and Guy as cuts.  Troy Andersen, I’m going to say it, I”m going to say it, I’m going to say it.  He’s Brian Urlacher light.  Go back to the 2000 draft and see the similarities.  Playing behind a big front, he’ll eat and can also take on blockers.  Alec Pierce is a big fluid body that is needed in this WR group.  Coby Bryant got a lot of the avoid Sauce throws and excelled. A few nuances in the game can be coached up, but he can play Outside press.  Jack Jones has done some traveling and had off-the-field issues.  The Pats have taken chances on players like Malcolm Butler and JC Jackson with similar resumes.  Damone Clark is a stash for this season.  He’s a fiery leader ILB who can do it all.  This allows the current logjam to weed itself out while having Clark in the building learning.  Berryhill is dynamic with the ball in his hands.  He’s a true Slot WR with amazing YAC potential.  Give me Parker, Bourne, Agholor, and/or Meyers, Pierce, and Berryhill as my group.  They’ll make plays.

Buffalo Bills

1-25: Kaiir Elam (CB) Florida

2-57: Isaiah Spiller (RB) Texas A&M

3-89: Darrian Beavers (LB) Cincinnati

4-130: Tyrese Robinson (IOL) Oklahoma

5-168: Justyn Ross (WR) Clemson

6-185: Kellen Diesch (OT) Arizona St

6-203: Tariq Carpenter (S) Georgia Tech

7-231: Dustin Crum (QB) Kent State

What do you buy for the person who has everything?  Elam does fill a need opposite White and should be in the mix quickly.  I’m not loading up the backfield with Spiller, I think Moss will be moved.  Spiller is a better fit for the Bills.  Darrian Beavers can be groomed, and play in 3 LB situations and special teams.  Robinson helps protect the franchise if needed.  His pass pro is exceptional.  Justyn Ross can be situationally, to begin with behind Diggs and Davis.  Diesch takes over the Spencer Brown role as a backup/swing Tackle.  Tariq Carpenter of Georgia Tech is a great depth piece/special teamer who can do multiple things on 3rd downs.  Dustin Crum can be the 3rd guy and learn on the fly.

Miami Dolphins

3-102: Cam Jurgens (IOL) Nebraska

4-125: Jesse Luketa (LB) Penn St

7-224: Jeffrey Gunter (EDGE) Coastal Carolina

7-247: Amari Carter (S) Miami

Jurgens is a Center who would fit well with the new regime and offense, as an athletic OC.  Luketa provides versatility to play on the EDGE, at LB in both odd and even fronts.  Jeffrey Gunter is a development EDGE who you can play in the rotation while contributing on Special Teams.  Carter stays at home, he could fill that Eric Rowe role in short order.

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