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Browns Acquire Watson from Texans 

The #Browns were told they were out… but never stopped recruiting. Now, they get Deshaun Watson. WILD — Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) March 18, 2022

Well this disgusting trade tour is finally over. ( Except for 22 civil Lawsuits ) The Cleveland Browns are now the proud employers of Deshawn Watson. In  blockbuster trade that involved a ton of draft capitol and guaranteed dollars. As you can see from above tweet, Not everyone is as disgusted with this deal as most people are. 

Watson getting nearly a million dollars per accuser. — Dave Brown (@ThatDaveBrown) March 18, 2022

The Deal 

The Browns get Watson – The Texans get five draft picks including three first rounders – and Watson gets 230 million dollars over the next five years. No Matter What. yes folks Watson got the full Kirk Cousins treatment\. Every dollar of this deal is guaranteed. Excuse me while I go throw up…. 

$230M fully guaranteed for someone still facing 22 civil suits and discipline from the NFL. Think that needs to be said right now instead of jersey swaps and other things. — Lee Schechter (@LeeSchechter) March 18, 2022

Grand Jury 

Earlier this month a grand jury in Texas chose not to bring charges against Watson. And before he and his lawyers were done dancing on the steps of the courthouse it seemed the Texans began working the phones. The Panthers – Saints – Eagles – Falcons – Seahawks and Browns all came calling. The Texans went back and forth on who was in who was out. The Browns were told yesterday they were out , But called back and only when they told Watson they would fully guarantee the deal. Did he agree to waive his no trade clause and the trade. 

The Browns are trading three first-round picks, and two additional picks to the Texans for QB Deshaun Watson, per sources. Wow. Wow. Wow. — Albert Breer (@AlbertBreer) March 18, 2022

All This for a QB who in five full seasons in the league is barely above .500 ( 28-25 ) and is below .500 in the post season ( 1-2 ) . not to mention still has those 22 civil suits and a possible suspension coming his way from Mrs. Integrity Roger Goodell. Again as you can see the big picture is lost on some . WOW WOW WOW

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