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Brooklyn Nets Fire Head Coach, Steve Nash

Following a 2-5 start in which things have gone completely sideways on and off the court, the Brooklyn Nets have parted ways with Steve Nash, Tuesday morning, the team announced.

Nash had a 94-67 record in his first career head coaching job, but will mostly be remembered for the series of controversies involving his stars that he was unable to quell.

“We want to thank Steve for everything he brought to our franchise over the past two-plus seasons,” general manager Sean Marks said in a statement. “Since becoming head coach, Steve was faced with a number of unprecedented challenges, and we are sincerely grateful for his leadership, patience and humility throughout his tenure.

“Personally, this was an immensely difficult decision; however, after much deliberation and evaluation of how the season has begun, we agreed that a change is necessary at this time.”

The Hall of Famer guard had coached the Nets since 2020, compiling a 94-67 record in just over two seasons. The Nets failed to perform in the postseason though, winning just one playoff series in 2021 before getting swept out of the first round by the Celtics in 2022.

Drama, Drama and More Drama

Drama has surrounded the franchise since Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving signed in 2019. Two coaches have now been fired, James Harden was traded for and traded away, Ben Simmons couldn't play after being acquired, Durant requested a trade over the summer and, most recently, Kyrie Irving has been in the news for promoting an anti-Semitic film.

Most of their problems during the last season were caused by Irving being unavailable for most of their home games because he refused to get vaccinated for the coronavirus, as mandated at the time in New York City. Nash handled it all as best as possible, but apparently not good enough for one of his best players.

But things started poorly this season and Nash gave some his hardest criticism of the team during his tenure after their loss to Indiana on Saturday night. Much of that was ignored because the focus was on Irving’s combative news conference defending his tweet, and the Nets beat the Pacers in the rematch Monday to end a four-game skid.

Moving On!

Assistant coach Jacque Vaughn will serve as interim coach on Tuesday night against the Chicago Bulls.

Reports have it that suspended Boston coach Ime Udoka and former Utah Jazz coach Quin Snyder are among the candidates to replace Nash.

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