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Breaking News: Patrice Bergeron retires

I don't have the words yet.... my favorite athlete of all-time. Here is a trip through time.

2004 OT Winner vs Montreal, Youngest NHL Player at the time.

The Randy Jones hit, his career may have been over. Day Game that at night was Sox at Rockies Game 3.

The Championship season, Game 7 Legend begins.

Being the 200 Foot player in the biggest spot.

He'll never be asked to open up for Snoop or Wiz

Leading the Bruins version of 28-3 vs Toronto

The Game Winner alone, from the crowd. The hair on your neck should stand up.

Losing to a dynasty with injuries as if he had been in multiple car wrecks.

His last shot at the Cup in the Finals, here are season highlights.

Bergeron, game 1000

The 1000th point

The Final Game, RESPECT.

From all of us


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