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Boston’s Bello Loses No Hitter in Eighth Red Sox Lose Fifth Straight.

There isn't a lot to get excited about inside the walls of red sox nation this year. Brayan Bello is one reason Sox fans still can get on the edge of their seats. From his first pitch last night Bello was masterful. He announced his intentions by striking out .400, flirting Louis Ariza on three pitches, in the third he snagged Ariza’s 100+ MPH comebacker and walked off the mound like he had been having a catch with Connor Wong. he then proceeded to induce ground ball out after ground ball out. For seven innings no one touched first base but Jazz Chisolm who got there on an error by Justin Turner back in the second. It was a beautiful seven innings of no hit ball.

The young ace left the hill after the seventh with his no no intact. The Marlins would open their half of the eighth no hit no runs on the board. One Batter into it they had their first hit Jean Segura would reach on an infield single to short, then Joey Wendle would single to right. Bello’s night was over. Seven innings one hit one run one walk and five K’s. as you all know the sox would lose 2-0. Bello is now 5-5 on the year with an ever dropping ERA that now sits at 3.08. Yes people, the Red Sox have developed an ACE.

The other side of this coin is the Sox lack of blast at the plate. They were four hit themselves. All three opportunities to hit with runners in scoring position went by the wayside leaving five men on base in the contest. But last night wasn't the only bad night at the plate for the Old Town Team. in the series they plated just three runs. Going back over this five game skid they have scored just nine times. NINE TIMES ( Ed Rooney Voice ) this is becoming embarrassing. Becoming ? Who am I kidding. Just past the halfway mark the Sox are two games under .500, fifteen and a half games out of first place in the AL East, and five and a half back in the Wild Card Chase.. Honestly it can’t get much more embarrassing. But just to leave you with a smile. Here's Bello doing what Bello does. Have a happy and safe 4th of July everyone.

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