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Boston Roses Refuse to Bloom 

Let’s get one thing straight. Baseball is a simple game. You Hit The Ball. You Throw The Ball. And You Catch The Ball. All things the Boston Red Sox have forgotten how to do. The Sox are sitting at the bottom of the A.L East at 10-19 looking up at the entire division. Only the Detroit tigers have a worse winning percentage (.296)  in the American league. How did this happen? Well ill tell you. Poor preparation, a lack of foresight and arrogance. 

So does this though… — Cory Brinson (@CBrinson47) May 8, 2022

In a matter of weeks.

the #RedSox have an eighth inning ERA of 6.52 and extra innings ERA of 12.46 — Murph (@TMurph207) May 9, 2022

Chaim Bloom and his band of merry computers and statisticians have sucked the soul out of Fenway Park. Pitchers are being yanked after a second trip through the order to pave the way to Bloom’s overworked slapstick bullpen. A group that has no rhyme or reason to it. The batting order is a day to day mystery of quadruple A players and pseudo superstars who are playing out of position. Leaving veteran all Stars looking around for any kind of sign from the heavens or front office as to how this problem can be fixed. Even Alex Cora has me wondering about his dependence on the stat machines over gut instinct after this weekend’s sweep by the White Sox. Kevin Plawecki people?, Kevin freaking Plawecki ? Pinch hitting for a man who is batting .361 at home on the season. 

Was looking for something on the #RedSox site. Noticed there's a video that went up today, "Homestand Highlights." It's 59 seconds long and includes a run-scoring groundout. Great googly moogly has this been a hell of a month. — Jon Couture (@JonCouture) May 8, 2022

Boston pissed away at the very least two wins in this series . A series where they managed to score just five runs in three games. This team is now playing so poorly that news that both Chris Sale and James Paxton’s rehabs are being setback weeks and maybe months has become below the fold news worthy. A team playing so poorly it’s looking up at the Baltimore Orioles. Watch your head, Red Sox Nation.

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