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Boston Red Sox pursuing Ohtani ?

I started thinking this way back during the WBC as i watched Masataka Yoshida chumming it up with Shohei Ohtani. could the Sox land the biggest prize in MLB free agency since Manny ? Go on argue amongst yourselves about that last statement but id tak Ramirez over anyone who has come to market since his signing. Yes, even Xander. But could the Red Sox be thinking of making a move on Shohei Ohtani before he hits free agency?

Buster Olney wrote a piece last week hitting up sources around the league as to where the two way superstar may end up. Some said the Red Sox along with the Yankee’s , Dodgers, Mets and Phillies were all markets in play. The question remains. Should the Sox be proactive and go after biggest prize in baseball now? I say yes. Hell yes , F bomb yes.

As most of you know , I don't hold prospects in the high regard that most other writers or Chaim Bloom does. Some people have said aloud that a deal like this would cripple the red sox farm system. Oh well. I will personally build it a ramp to get up any stairs it may need in the future. Prospects are simply that, prospects. There is no guarantee that Bloom's golden children will ever pan out at the MLB level. Or how long it will take them to get there. If you have a chance to make this happen, make it happen. Yes I know you’re going to say but Murph we lost out on Mookie sticking and Xander Sticking because of Bloom's pursuit of the cheapest World Series victory in this century. Sorry not sorry. There are two bottom lines in this world. Championships and butts in seats. This move accomplishes both.

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