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Boston Red Sox’ lovable menace: Rafael Devers 

Boston Red Sox’ Rafael Devers sits at or near the top of the pyramid in almost every statistical offensive category for third basemen in the MLB. Home Runs: 14 – Doubles: 17 – RBI: 43 – Total Bases: 110. Stat Peeps will take you deeper but stats can get quite boring don’t you agree? The fact of the matter is when Raffy steps to the plate the world takes notice. At the ripe old age of 24, he is already in the midst of his fifth season in the big leagues.

“Siri show me unbridled happiness.” — Red (@SurvivingGrady) May 26, 2021

Jealousy is a terrible thing

I envy Alex Cora. Every day, he walks into work and sees the smile that captivates us all and never seems to leave this young man, whose mother nicknamed him “Carita” (Babyface), as a child. Not only is Raffy a gifted and talented ballplayer, but he loves this game.  He loves it more than you or I do. Loves it like a nine-year-old on a little league field who hasn’t been jaded by daddy coaches who dream of Williamsport or parents who don’t believe in dip cones for doubles. It’s infectious and every time you see it, it warms you like hot chocolate on a chilly autumn night at Fenway. 

José Devers' older cousin — Rafael Devers — isn't going to take it easy on him.#JuntosMiami #RedSox #MLB — Bally Sports Florida: Marlins (@BallyMarlins) May 29, 2021

But he’s still a menace

With this much good handed to us, there had to be a catch, right? With the same pause we all take at enjoying his talents at the dish, New England holds its collective breath every time the ball is hit to the left side of the infield. Will it scoot under or hop over his glove? Will he cut off his shortstop when there was no need?  Will his throw twist and turn Boston’s first baseman into a pretzel or sail into the crowd?  When you watch Devers make some of the spectacular plays he makes look routine, you wonder why he makes the routine often look like what would make the aforementioned Little League coach look like an extra in an episode of VIKINGS. 


But Carita’s smile never fades. He’s living his – and our – best nine-year-old life. He plays baseball for the Boston Red Sox. 

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