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Boston Red Sox David Ortiz Knocking on Heavens Door

On this day in 2002, the Minnesota Twins released David Ortiz. The rest, as they say, is history. Glorious history. — Austin J. Eich (@Eich_AJ) December 16, 2021

David Ortiz’ name was placed on the Hall of Fame Ballot for the first time this year and the early polling numbers are looking good for the man Boston belovedly calls Big Papi. Ryan Thibodaux who tracks ballots has Ortiz name checked on 86% of the ballots he has seen to date. Even with a small sample size that’s a good indication that Ortiz could not only be headed to Cooperstown. But could be a first ballot hall of famer. 

With 38 ballots revealed/~9.7% of the vote known: Ortiz – 81.6% Bonds – 78.9% Clemens – 78.9% Rolen – 68.4% Schilling – 63.2% Wagner – 60.5% Helton – 55.3% Jones – 52.6% A-Rod – 47.4% Ramirez – 42.1% Sheffield – 42.1% Kent – 26.3% Abreu – 15.8% Sosa – 15.8% Vizquel – 13.2% — Ryan Thibodaux (@NotMrTibbs) December 19, 2021

Big Papi’ case for the hall has been a polarizing discussion since his retirement in 2016. Many want to lump Ortiz  in the pool with those suspended from MLB for using PEDs. You as well as I know Ortiz has never been suspended for the use of performance enhancing drugs, But was named alongside Manny Ramirez in a 2009 article in the New York Times. The Times article claimed more than 100 players had tested positive in the voluntary also supposed “confidential” baseline testing survey MLB conducted in 2003. AKA The Mitchell Report 

Looks like David Ortiz will be a first ballot HOFer, which I'm fine with (don't put in the paper I'm mad), but it does show you the number one stat reporters use is how nice a player is to them — Razzball (@Razzball) December 18, 2021

I have never put much stock in that baseline test as no one knew what MLB was actually testing for, to this day MLB offices have never revealed themselves what drugs were included on the baseline test. We have no clue if the drugs tested for were legally sold over the counter here in the states or in any player’s home country for that matter. Not to mention who trusts a pair of New York Times writers who are admitted Yankees fans? ( Kidding not Kidding) …. Bottom line Ortiz belongs, I hope more BBWAA writers agree with me. 

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