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Blake Corum Distributes Turkeys On The Occasion Of Thanksgiving

Photo Credit: Sam Navarro - USA Today Sports

The relationship between the players and their fans is always a special one. Fans have unique ways of loving a player, supporting him, and carrying him through, while the players always try their best to give back to their fans and community. Blake Corum, the running back for Michigan Wolverines, did something unexpected as he wanted to celebrate thanksgiving in a unique but wholesome manner.

The Wolverine running back was seen handing out boxes of food among needy families in Superior Township and Ypsilanti areas. The distributed items included turkeys, green beans, apple sauce, milk, winter hats, and hand sanitizer.

It is worth mentioning that this was not the first instance of Blake Corum distributing things publicly. Corum did something similar last year when he distributed turkeys among the less fortunate. His acts of kindness and generosity received great appreciation from everyone. It also serves as a great inspiration and motivation for others who want to pursue similar charitable deeds.

After distributing his annual gifts among needy families, Corum expressed his gratitude and pleasure at the opportunity while also vowing to continue his good work until the day that he dies. It goes to show how much it mattered to the Michigan RB.

NIL Contract Earnings

It was revealed that Blake had used his earnings from his NIL contract to sponsor the charity work. It has been reported that Corum gives away half of his earnings from these NIL contracts to these charity works. Moreover, he also revealed that he gives away boots and other gear from these NIL agreements to his offensive lineman.

Jim Harbaugh, the Head Coach of the Wolverines appreciates Corum's efforts and calls him a larger-than-life personality.

Personal Life

As a context to the charity works, Corum spent most of his childhood at a village farm in Marshall, Virginia. It was there in Virginia his parents saw in him as a young kid he was a giver.

They would put Corum to work in their landscaping business, and some of the money he earned he always wanted to put into the church offering. This just shows how experiences can shape the ultimate direction in life.

Corum Is Special On The Field Just As Much As He Is Off The Field

Blake Corum is having an outstanding season thus far. The 5'8, 210-pound running back has 245 carries for 1, 457 yards, and 18 touchdowns. He also has eight consecutive games with 100+ rushing yards.

This week's game against rival Ohio State will be the ultimate test for the Wolverines. What a great ending of the week it would be if Corum can lead his team to a victory.

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