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BJW Star Joins Michinoku Pro Faction

On May 8th at a Michinoku Pro event in Takizawa City, MUSASHI put his Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Championship on the line against former BJW Junior Heavyweight Champion Kazuki Hashimoto. It was MUSASHI himself who had selected Hashimoto as his opponent, and after 21 minutes of action, MUSASHI was the victor. However, it turns out that there may have been more to their match than meets the eye, as what initially appeared to be solely a championship match, now seems also to have been a test. And it was a test that Hashimoto passed.

After their match, MUSASHI recruited Kazuki Hashimoto into New Generation, a group of young wrestlers that consider themselves to be the new and dominant generation of Michinoku Pro.

Kazuki Hashimoto will be a great asset to New Generation in their war with the established members of the Michinoku Pro roster. He is one of the toughest junior heavyweights in the industry, with his reign as BJW Junior Heavyweight Champion being 266 days in length, the fourth-longest reign in the history of the championship.

MUSASHI is a fighting champion and is even willing to defend his Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Championship against allies.  On March 6th at a Michinoku Pro event in Tokushima City, he successfully defended it against Koji Kawamura, a fellow member of New Generation. So there is a possibility that Kaz Hashimoto will receive another shot at the championship in the future. But right now, his main focus is his role as a member of New Generation.

There are many new interesting potential matchups ahead for Kazuki Hashimoto. Facing one of the cornerstones of Michinoku Pro, The Great Sasuke and Jinsei Shinzaki, is a possibility.  Former Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Champion and current Triple Crown Tag Champion Taro Nohashi is another established talent that Hashimoto may face. And depending on what happens at the Korakuen Hall on July 1st, the next time he wrestles for the Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Championship, it may be against Fujita Jr. Hayato.

Kazuki Hashimoto will continue to make appearances for BJW, and he has already been scheduled for future appearances in Michinoku Pro as a member of New Generation. Hashimoto’s next appearance in Michinoku Pro will be on July 1st, and tickets are currently on sale for this event.

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