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Patriots: Bill Belichick Never Lets a Sleeping Roster Lie

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

The 52 man is set. Just kidding. You all knew as well as I that Bill can't let a sleeping dog lie. Not that I'm calling this roster a dog. Far from it. But The Hoodie is never done. Like a fantasy football addict ( Hi I'm Murph and I’m a FFB Addict ) with 20 teams he scours the wire every week looking to tweak his roster, looking for diamonds in the rough. And this week is no exception. Enter Jalen Reagor and Matt Corral

Bill just loves his former first round picks doesn't he ? So do i. That's why we are starting here and not with the guy on the 53… Reagor was the fourth WR taken in the 2020 NFL Draft. After Henry Ruggs - Jerry Jeudy and CeeDee Lamb. the Eagles took him one spot before the Vikings took Justin Jefferson .. Most will point to the stat line Reagor put up in Minnesota last year. 17 games and just 104 yards on 8 receptions, but if you look a bit deeper like Bill has you would see a man who has amassed 72 receptions for 799 yards over the past three seasons. That's 11.1 yards per. With a Ctch % of 58.1% and a Succ% of 42.7%, These are numbers worth kicking tires on. And the Practice squad is where you kick tires.

Now onto quarterbacks

To say this has been the most head scratching preseason in the past 30 years here in New England would be an understatement. A media driven QB battle that never was between Mac Jones and Bailey Zappe turned into the even bigger media driven UDFA Milek Cunningham Mania that was supposed to cure Zappe fever.. Which turned into Both Zappe and Cunningham being cut and the again media driven garbage that Bill now doesn't know what he’s doing drafting Quarterbacks. Bill Belichick, the man who at one time last year had four quarterbacks starting in the NFL. ( chuckling here ) Four, Tom Brady - Jimmy Garopolo - Jacoby Brissett and of course Mac Jones. But no Bill doesn't know a damn thing. Both Cunningham and Zappe are on the practice squad and the hoodie has now picked up the former third round selection Matt Corral, late QB of the Carolina panthers. Corral slipped all the way to the third round But Carolina traded with the pats to come up and grab him. Corral didn't slip because of a bad combine day or poor showing in the bowls. At the Draft Ian Rapoport reported that

""He dealt with a multitude of issues including alcohol and related issues. He admitted publicly to battling depression. He has had ‘unreliable behavior’ off the field and he really, really struggled in some interviews with teams."

Corral has yet to play a meaningful snap in the NFL but Belichick had an open slot on the 53 when he placed Tyquan Thornton on IR and be damned if he wasn't going to make a move. Bill obviously saw something in the young QB last year during joint practices with Carolina. And wants a closer look.

Is Belichick done making moves ? Hell no. not even close. He will twist and turn and tweak and shuffle this roster from now until the end of the season. Hopefully in late January. So buckle up people. The rides going to be bumpy and fun.

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