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Bedard to Chicago, Wenbanyama next

The buildup did meet the hype in the first of the lottery drawings. Both the NHL and NBA have generational talents coming in as the top picks. Is it necessary that these stars end up in big markets? Connor Bedard to Chicago is an absolute Grand Slam for the league. The NHL still feeds off the success of the original six franchises. Montreal played in a fake Stanley Cup Final during the pandemic but the league needs them, Chicago and Detroit just for ratings/national appeal. Boston had a historic season and collapse that rivaled it. The Rangers were out in 7 vs the team across the Hudson. Toronto is holding on by a string but got out of the first round since the Red Sox drought was still a thing. Bedard is the best prospect since McDavid, here is what he brings. It had a Brady-like effect on season tickets for the Blackhawks.

Victor Wembanyama is a 7'5", 220 LBS specimen from France. who going to be 20 on 1/4/24. He's still developing but through up a whopping 21,10 and 3.5 blocks per game. The betting odds are staying level with the lottery chances at this point. What would a perfect fit look like?

Dallas Mavericks- 3% chance to win. Luka and Victor, wow. After the collapse post-Kyrie trade, the Mavs need a stroke of luck. Mark Cuban is an international name as the owner, Luka is a Top-5 player and it's a large market.

Detroit Pistons- 14% chance to win. Cade Cunningham, Jaden Ivy, James Wiseman (I still have hope) and Jalen Duran are already on the roster. This team could grow together to bring back glory to the Motor City. The Lions restored the roar, what would this do?

Chicago Bulls- 1.8% chance to win. Can you imagine both Chicago teams winning the lottery? The Bulls have had a few good moments since the 1998 title but this would bring them back to national prominence. In the highlights, you see him hit jumpers off the dribble, complete freak. Could you imagine the Connor and Victor posters?


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