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ALDS Heads Back to The Boogie Down Bronx

Guardians Fans All Hope is Not Lost : Last night, like the good people of Cleveland and most of America, I was hoping Tito Francona and his band of young Guardians would eliminate the evil empire that we all know as the New York Yankees. Well we didn't get what we wanted 4-2 Bad Guys. Yes I know unbiased reporting Murph. Bite me. I have two rooting interests in Baseball. The Red Sox and whoever is playing the Yankees. I make no apologies, I beg no forgiveness. I care not one iota of how my honesty is perceived.

Okay so the Yankees with their just shy of 265 million dollar payroll forced a game five against the youngest team in MLB with their barely above 82 million dollars worth of receipts. Yes Garrett Cole who earns more than a quarter of the guardians entire roster held off this scrappy group of kids, Congrats. This is the ALDS and It’s not over until the Ninth inning of game five.

The Odds are Against Them

Everyone loves a David and Goliath story. Well everyone but Goliath and his family. Odds weren't in Dave's favor either. But who saw the Guardians winning 26 of their last 30 games and sweeping through the wildcard round. Tito and his kids are 4-2 in this postseason. They have a rested bullpen and are sending Aaron Civale to the hill with his post All Star break 3.35 ERA to hopefully send them to the ALCS. Goliath will send the 14-5 Jameson Tallion to the mound to try and knock out Davey. Here’s to hoping the little guy can sling that rock and keep Goliath in the Bronx and far far away from Houston.

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