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Agent Shank is Back. This time Defending Red Sox Chaim Bloom

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

I woke up this morning wondering , where on earth would I set the blame for what has become of the Boston Red Sox. Lucky for me you and the rest of Red Sox Nation we have Dan Shaughnessy. The man lovably known as “ SHANK “ tells us all how to cut up the blame pie. follow the link if you like.

To be quite honest. I didn't read Shanks' column. I never do. I can't remember the last time I cracked a John Henry propaganda paper open and I don't subscribe to “ The Dark Web “ also in my home known as The Boston Globe Dot com. So this is basically me judging a book by it's cover. Or in this case a column by its tweet. As you know this is not the first time I've taken on Agent Shank. And now he wants you to believe that the blame has been pointed at the wrong man. It should be John Henry and his agenda ( again going off just the tweet ) and not Chaim Bloom and his band of misfit executives and scouts.

Was it John Henry who traded Hunter Renfroe to bring back Jackie Bradly JR ? I mean can you blame him ? Renfrow had just belted 30 home runs and drove in as close to hundred baserunners as you can get too without actually driving in a hundred baserunners. For a man who batted .163 for the Brewers the year before. Renfrow went on to belt .255/29/73 for the brew-crew. they ended up DFA’ing JBJ. and paying him the rest of his 17.5 million dollar salary for 2022. Not making this move alone would have kept the Sox under the luxury tax threshold. that matters now. the Sox are letting FA walk and the comp pics will be lower than they would have been, But Bloom had to get his "prospects."

Was it John Henry who brought in James Paxton on a one year plus two option seasons coming off Tommy John ? for six million dollars plus the option he gladly took for another 4 million. I'd like to get ten mill while rehabbing. Only to have his season end with a “Lat Strain”

Pretty expensive gamble when you throw in the 24 million “swellopt” ( just google it ) portion of this gamble.

Was it John Henry who traded Mookie Betts and David Price and a stack of cash to the Dodgers for Alex Verdugo, Jeter Downs, and Connor Wong ? True Price's salary was a part of not bringing back more. Even though more was on the table in the form of Brusdar Graterol. In case you missed it, Jeter Downs ( the big prospect in the deal) was recently released. Why? Because he sucks.

And we can keep going

Signing Jose Peraza for one year, $2.85 million

Signing Marwin Gonzalez for one year, $3 million

Signing Martin Perez for a total of two years, $11 million

Signing Garrett Richards for one year, $10 million

Signing Trevor Story for six years, 140 million dollars . yep huge mistake. .238 / 16 / 66 in the 94 games he managed to get on the field for. Money that should have been spent elsewhere. Maybe on

Xander Bogarts who was last seen walking out the door for nothing. Now you can say that John Henry put the kibosh on extending The X Man but it was bloom who insulted him last spring with his lowball offer. He didn't have to do that.He chose too. He knew from the get go that Bogarts wasn't in his plan for the future and he didn't move him, not before the season and not at the deadline. He cost this team what could have been a ton of prospects all for the sake of propaganda “Our Number One Priority “

So exactly who is it Shank that deserves this blame? Yes some can be put on The Fenway sports Groups get me under the cap mentality. But most of this goes on an inept President / GM / Dunce. Who is in over his head . can't evaluate talent .has zero street cred in the business and quite frankly i wouldn't give a job selling peanuts too.

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