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A Series of Short Story’s 

Yes yes I know. I was an English major, don’t start in the comments on the headline. In my 20 plus years of covering the Red Sox I can not for the life of me remember a ballplayer who frustrates me as much as Trevor Story. The man is batting .223 yet he is slugging .424 ! T team goes out west to put together their best Cali road trip in three decades and he  disappears from the stat sheet as the Sox rise like a phoenix from their early season bonfire. I can’t explain it. 

Only 3 of Trevor Story's 11 HRs have been solo shots. That was his 4th 3-run homer. He also has a grand slam. 25 of his 48 RBIs have come on homers 2-run homer solo homer 2-run homer 2-run homer 3-run homer grand slam solo homer 3-run homer 3-run homer solo homer 3-run homer — Christopher Smith (@SmittyOnMLB) June 22, 2022

You can’t even blame home road splits on these numbers , At Home he is slashing ..223/.304 /.479 And on the road .222/.303/.368 … The Mind Wobbles. 

TREVOR STORY TO THE MOON! — Boston Strong (@BostonStrong_34) June 22, 2022

In Boston’s Losses he sits at the Mendoza kids table. Batting a meagre .173 with just one round trip and seven runs knocked in,   Wins: he is stroking .261 with 19 dingers and has 41 RBI . It’s enough to drive a fan to drink. In fact let’s all do that. Let’s DRINK. 

TREVOR STORY! — Boston Strong (@BostonStrong_34) June 22, 2022

No matter how you look at it. No Matter how you cut it up.

As Trevor Story Goes so do the Red Sox. A man batting .223 leads this team in RBI and is fifth in MLB in the runs batted in category. With Runners in Scoring Position ? He’s batting .313 with six of his home runs and 40 of his team leading 48. Hell, I can’t even finish the sentence SCREW IT DRINK … He goes Yard and they win. He drives in Runs and they win. My liver can’t take this. But hey as long as the Sox keep climbing in the Wild Card standings and Bloom is not a seller at the trade deadline. I can always get a piece of my son’s liver right ? Lets just all hope this short story has a chapter two. 

The Sox have now won 15 consecutive games when Trevor Story records at least 1 RBI. Of his 11 HR this season, 7 have either tied the game or given the Sox a lead. 8 of his 11 HR have come with at least 1 runner on base (5 with 2+ runners on). Story has a 1.029 OPS with RISP. — J.P. Long (@SoxNotes) June 22, 2022

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