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A.J. Brown Big Day Helps Philadelphia Eagles

When the Philadelphia Eagles traded for wide receiver A.J. Brown in the offseason from the Tennessee Titans, they were hoping that he would help out this football team in a big way. On Sunday afternoon against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Brown caught six passes for 156 yards receiving and three touchdowns in a 35-13 win for the Philadelphia Eagles.

A.J. Brown caught a 39-yard touchdown pass on Philadelphia's opening drive of the football game from quarterback Jalen Hurts. In the second quarter, Brown caught two more touchdowns from 27 yards out (the second drive of the football game) and a 29-yard touchdown pass.

Jalen Hurts's game has grown because of A.J. Brown's presence this season. Hurts completed 19-of-28 passes for 285 yards passing and four touchdowns. He is under consideration for the NFL MVP this season for the Philadelphia Eagles. They look like one of the favorites to win Super Bowl LVII this season because of the Jalen Hurts and A.J. Brown connection.

Brown is easily a Top 10 wide receiver in the NFL and will most likely be voted to another Pro Bowl again this season. It is still mind-blowing why the Tennessee Titans traded him during the offseason. It had to be because of money reasons, but it is still mind-blowing that Tennessee didn't want to pay him.

A.J. Brown is going to be one of the reasons why the Philadelphia Eagles could very well go undefeated. He makes any quarterback around him look very good. This is why Jalen Hurts has made many jumps in his game this season.

The Philadelphia Eagles (7-0) remain unbeaten and their next game will be on the road against the Houston Texans (1-4-1) on Thursday night, 11/3.

The Pittsburgh Steelers (2-6) next game will be after their bye week on Sunday, 11/13 against the New Orleans Saints (3-5) at home.

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