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CFP Week 3 Quick Look

We’re inching close to the college football playoffs, and we just had the 3rd week of rankings drop for the top 25 with a lot of movement going on in the backend. The top five remains the same with Georgia, Ohio State, Michigan, TCU, and Tennessee. The LSU Tigers coming in at #6 will go against the Georgia Bulldogs in the SEC Championship and there has been recent chatter that with a conference championship win, LSU could be the first two-loss team to appear in the college football playoffs. There’s a lot that could happen by the time they lace their cleats up to play in Atlanta, but it has now become a legit conversation around the committee and with wins over #8 Alabama and #14 Ole Miss along with the conference championship against an undefeated team, it would be difficult to deny them entry. All hope is not loss for teams like one loss #7 USC, who saw a jump in their rank after #12 Oregon suffered an upset loss to #17 Washington and #16 UCLA suffered the same fate to Arizona. USC has a chance to clinch their spot to the PAC 12 championship with a win over rival UCLA and then all there is after that is a final regular season game against #18 Notre Dame. A win out can give them their first ever playoff berth and it would be hard to take two-loss conference championship LSU over a one-loss conference champ USC if it were to come down to that. Ohio State or Michigan will be kicked out depending on who loses The Game November 26th and then Tennessee will have a chance to sneak in with wins over Alabama and a blowout against LSU as their leverage. One loss #13 North Carolina and one loss #9 Clemson also have a chance granted they both win their finales and match up in the ACC Championship. With a win over the Texas Longhorns, the undefeated TCU Horned Frogs clinched their spot into the Big 12 Championship should be to coast to a playoff berth for the first time ever. There will be a scenario where we will see three undefeated teams in the playoffs with TCU, Georgia, and the winner of OSU/Michigan. That leaves one spot, do you take one loss conference champ USC, one loss conference champ out of Clemson/North Carolina, or give Tennessee the nod and make them the fifth team to make the CFP without winning a conference title and the third to not win its division? With three ranking shows left, there hasn’t been a team ranked outside the top 10 at this point in the season that has made the CFP. As always, keep your eyes on the one loss teams and especially North Carolina as they will most likely get to the top 10 with a win over Georgia Tech this weekend. There are going to be tons of dialogues that will be held after this weekend.

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