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Quick Look into the CFP race and Who's all involved

We’re getting closer and closer to the college football playoffs, and we just had the 2nd week of rankings come out for the top 25. Georgia retakes the #1 spot after demolishing the

Tennessee Volunteers in a double-digit 27-14 win. Ohio State, Michigan, and new entry TCU round out the rest of the top 4 with the Tennessee Volunteers and the Oregon Ducks being the next 2 teams out at 5 and 6. After losing to the #7 LSU Tigers last weekend, the #10 Alabama Crimson Tide are officially out of the college football playoff race as that loss gave them their second for the season and since the playoffs became a thing, a 2-loss team has never made it in. With this win, LSU wins the western division and will take on the undefeated Georgia Bulldogs in the SEC championship. #12 Clemson suffered its first loss last weekend as they got stomped 35-14 to the #20 Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Due to their weak schedule and tendency to keep it close with every team they play, it’s pretty much the consensus idea that their playoff chances are done but if they can potentially win out with an ACC conference championship win against North Carolina, they can jump back in the conversation. With Ohio State and Michigan still having to play The Game November 26th, the top 4 can get jumbled up real fast with various teams being in the conversation. TCU still must play #18 Texas on the road this weekend but after that, their schedule could be smooth sailing as they head to their conference championship possibly undefeated. #8 USC could also make some noise in the playoff race if they can win out their schedule with #9 one loss UCLA, #20 Norte Dame, and then a possible Pac 12 championship showdown with explosive #6 one loss Oregon. Keep your eyes on all the one loss teams in the top 10 these upcoming weeks for upsets as we get down to rivalry week. It’s going to be reminiscent of Ragnarök.

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