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For The Fans: Answering Your Questions Part 1

A week ago, I asked you guys on my social media (Snapchat @Hodgy_Beats15 Instagram @_Maleke_) for any college football questions you might have as we lead towards the college football playoffs and the end of the season. I appreciate you guys leaving many questions and I’ll be doing this again next week so if I missed you, you’ll have another chance.

Do you believe the Alabama dynasty is over?

It could be. You see other teams in the conference getting top ranked recruiting classes and as of recent, these teams have been able to compete with Bama and almost come away with the win. If Bama can start getting more wide receivers to spread the offense downfield more vertically and a more versatile secondary, that can easily get back to their dominant form. I will say that it’s just as easy that it can come back as well as it could be gone.

Who wins the national championship this year? Does TCU have a legit shot to win?

I added these questions together. TCU is still undefeated with only a conference championship to worry about, so they have as good of a chance as Georgia or the winner of Ohio State/Michigan. With that being said, how do you not see Georgia winning? Besides a close trap game against Mizzou, Georgia has been dominate all three phases against every team they played. They have the defense to get stops early, the offense that will make you pay for turnovers, and the personnel to beat you anyway they want.

Before Bama’s loss to LSU was there a scenario where 3 SEC teams make the playoffs?

I don’t think so. If Bama doesn’t lose, then you have an undefeated conference champ and then a one loss Georgia getting in. TCU goes undefeated and gets in, then the winner of Ohio State and Michigan getting the last spot. What would be the argument for a one loss Tennessee getting the bid over one loss Georgia especially with that one Tennessee loss being a double-digit loss to Georgia? Georgia would get the nod over Tennessee in that scenario. With Tennessee now having 2 losses, one being an evisceration to South Carolina, they aren’t getting in now and USC and Clemson are the only one loss teams left with a chance.

Does Quinn Ewers keep the job next season with Arch Manning coming in?

It’s possible. With Arch coming in as an early enrollee January 2023, he’ll have a chance to get aquatinted with the offense ahead of time and show us a little of what he’s been working on in the spring game. Ewers has been inconsistent these last couple of weeks missing on throws and taking unnecessary sacks. If Arch can come in and compete early, I wouldn’t be surprised if coach Sarkisian goes with who’s been the hot hand in camp.

As of today, who are the top 3 Heisman candidates?

I think if the season ends today you must go with Drake Maye, Cj Stroud, and Caleb Williams. Since 2014, except for Lamar Jackson, there has not been a Heisman winner that wasn’t a part of the college football playoffs, so history isn’t on Maye’s side, but he has the best power 5 passing statistics leading power 5 in passing TDs, total TDs, total yards, total yards per game, total points responsible for, and total points responsible per game. Not to mention he also has North Carolina at an 8-2 record despite suffering an upset loss to Georgia Tech. Not the strongest schedule by any means but Maye keeps them in the game and he is what makes them go. Stroud and Hooker have similar numbers against harder opponents, but Maye is quite literally carrying due to a subpar defense. Cj Stroud is in the conversation because of record and statistics, but his play the last couple of weeks has been underwhelming. Caleb Williams is the most dangerous QB in college football with a 10-1 record and his numbers are impeccable with 40 total TDS and only 3 picks. Bryce Young and Hendon Hooker are in the conversation but with each having 2 losses, I don’t think they’ll really be in the conversation when it’s all said and done.

How do USC and UCLA match up joining the Big 10 in 2024?

USC should match up fairly due to strong recruiting and coaching, but UCLA might have some growing pains. I could see UCLA starting out like Purdue where they will scare some teams in some matchups but ultimately probably won’t see a conference championship game in a while. Big 10 is really Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State sometimes, then it’s everyone else. They’re not as dangerous as the consensus would think, USC will compete soon as they get there.

Are there going to be more college football betting lines that you will post?

Absolutely, after the playoff rankings show on Tuesday, I’ll look at the rivalry games of the week and do betting lines for the ones I choose and then we’ll go into conference championships, then end it with playoffs/bowl games.

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