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2023 Patriots Roster- The Final 15, Part III-

Why aren't certain guys locks, I'll explain away. 30 Players on this list.

Offense (14)

QB (1)

Malik Cunningham- After the NFC Championship crapstorm, the NFL has instituted a 3 QB rule. Cunningham got paid a lot as an UDFA and Bill can pull an old trick the Pats did during the Tom Tupa days. Tupa would be the backup with Zolak being the 3. If he came in before the 4th, it was already a bad day health-wise. Cunningham is learning other roles (does anyone remember 2009 Isaiah Stanback?) to help contribute. One last thing, I think the Philly rugby scrum goalline play will have a huge impact on the copycat league and Cunningham would be perfect for that formation. Side note: Remember the scrum play for fantasy.

RB (1)

Kevin Harris- He could be the reason for the quick Robinson cut. His 2022 was very inconsistent and even with Rhamondre on fumes, he was on the bench. Did he make the year 2 leap?

WR (3)

Kendrick Bourne- He belongs, fits, and should be a vital part of this offense. You may have heard that the Patriots have an interest in DeAndre Hopkins. Is he out of the doghouse with Patricia gone or has he said too much? Talent and versatility are needed.

Demario Douglas- I got to watch him in the UAB game from 2022. He's tougher than a 2-dollar steak, the most willing and physical guy on the offense with no shame in showing when he won on a block. He's got return ability, is a true Patriot slot WR and can be used on gadget plays.

Kayshon Boutte- They took a flyer on talent in the 6th round with the hope of being the spot that can get the most out of him. The touchdown in the Georgia SEC title game was a showcase of what he can do.

TE (2)

Anthony Firkser- He's a perfect guy to have on the roster. He blocked for Derrick Henry and converted a lot of important 3rd downs for the Titans prior to a 2022 he'd like to forget.

Scotty Washington- The new Lil-Jordan Humphrey attempt.

OL (6)

Trent Brown- Things aren't good between the player and team showing up way out of shape as a shot across the bow. When engaged, he's the blindside protector who brings physicality but that guy hasn't been here since 2018. He's a huge cap number if they want to go that route. The Jonah Williams deal isn't dead, the Bengals have over 30 million in cap to 3 OT.

Reilly Reiff- He didn't look good for the Bears in 2022 and the retirement of O-Lineman after early days of camp is a tradition in New England.

Connor McDermott- Here, gone, and back again. He filled a role at RT late in the season, while being rewarded with a new deal.

Calvin Anderson- Kind of like Reiff, not many highlights from his 2022 season in Denver, where they had inquire within signs for OT outside the stadium.

Andrew Stueber- Remember him? Probably not. He was a 2022 7th-round pick who was on NFI list all season. The OL at Michigan has been really good the last few seasons including grabbing some guy named Onwenu who developed. He's a guy to keep an eye on.

James Ferentz- Future coach, his Dad is Bill's friend, he keeps coming back.

Defense (14)

EDGE (3)

Anfernee Jennings- He's on this list because he just hasn't lived up to the billing and has been the new version of Former Crimson Tide EDGE Ryan Anderson. He will set the EDGE, which is a plus.

DaMarcus Mitchell- Personally, I love this guy. I feel he is the 3rd EDGE guy and played solid on ST. Let's see the Year Two leap.

Ronnie Perkins- Does this guy even truly exist? Someone? Anyone? I love the Oklahoma film but I'm not even sure what number he wears. It's make or break before we have Shawn Crable Part dos.

DL (4)

Lawrence Guy- He's holding out and just from a little birdie, he may be playing on DeMeco Ryan's Defense for Nick Caserio. He's been a good player and elite human in his time here.

Daniel Ekuale- He just flashes at times and you wonder, where did he come from? For the old-school Pats Fans, I think 1996 Chad Eaton when you were trying to find out more about this guy without the internet. He's become a sneaky good pass rusher.

Carl Davis- Straight up Run Defender, you're keeping for size in short yardage/goalline.

Sam Roberts- Don't sleep on Roberts. He flashed some ability in the preseason of 2022 and got a healthy scratch treatment. He's a monster on the kick-block team.

LB (1)

Mack Wilson- His skill is in the pass defense game as a coverage guy/ST. His chances improved with Raekwon injury during the offseason.

CB (5)

Jack Jones- It's all the legal situation. Super talented. He's either starting here or someone will take a flyer and hope for the best.

Myles Bryant- I can't get the Buffalo visual out of my mind and the 7th round of the 2023 NFL Draft told us neither did the team. He's got the experience in the system but will have to beat out the younger guys.

Shaun Wade- He has fallen from a guy who was at Ohio State and discussed as a first-rounder to a guy fighting 7th Rd picks and Udfa for his job. This is his last chance.

Ameer Speed- Georgia National Champion to Michigan State to Pats in the 7th round. Raw and athletic with size. Really good PS candidate to be elevated on gameday if he doesn't show too much in camp.

Isaiah Bolden- Florida State to Jackson State to the Pats in the 7th round. He has a leg up on speed because of his return game ability.

Safety (1)

Joshuah Bledsoe- He is most likely on the outside looking in because of depth. He's going to need to tear up Special Teams and show he can be one of the versatile Safeties if injury occurs.

Special Teams (2)

Cody Davis- Strictly a Special Teams guy who is the personal protector on the Punt Team. He could be nudged out by some of the younger talent although the Buffalo debacle remains as an open wound.

Raleigh Webb- After his Week 3 ST performance against the Patriots, the Pats pillaged him off the Ravens practice squad.

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